FIFA World Cup Referees

The 2022 FIFA World Cup took place in Qatar, marking one of the most expensive World Cups in football history. FIFA World Cup referees’ salaries vary depending on the level of the game, whether it’s a league match or in Europe.

Top referees from various football confederations officiate international matches, selected for their expertise and experience by FIFA. These referees carry significant responsibilities during major tournaments.

FIFA selected over 30 top officials to officiate matches during the 2018 World Cup. In this article, we’ll delve into the salaries of FIFA World Cup referees and how much they charge for a game.

FIFA World Cup Referees’ Salary

World Cup referee salaries fluctuate based on their skill levels, and these salaries are categorized accordingly. Groups of referees work together to officiate football matches. As follows:

Match Referee
Assistant Referees
Fourth Official

World Cup Match Referee’s Salary


The referee holds a position of great influence on the field, running alongside players on both the left and right sides. The maximum earnings for an international match referee were capped at €750 per match.

Assistants Referees Salary

Assistant Referee

The two assistant referees positioned on each side of the field are commonly referred to as “linesmen.” Their primary role involves monitoring offside infractions and fouls that may escape the referee’s view.

For standard FIFA-friendly matches, assistant referees receive €500 per game. However, their compensation increases significantly, from €500 to €2,500 per game, when officiating in FIFA tournaments.

Fourth Official Referees Salary

Fourth Official

The fourth official has several responsibilities, including inspecting player equipment, overseeing substitution processes, and granting approval for a player to re-enter the field.

Additionally, they are responsible for ensuring that the match balls are appropriately managed during the game.

FIFA Video Assistant Referees Salaries

Video Assistant Referees

The introduction of the VAR referee has significantly impacted the game of football. In the past, goals often went unnoticed until after the match.

Referees receive €600 for their roles in qualifying and friendly games after the video assistant reviews the match. However, those selected for the FIFA World Cup 2022 VAR and AVAR positions will earn €3,000 per match.

Referees Contracted Salaries

In the FIFA World Cup 2018, match referees were awarded $70,000 each, a substantial increase from the $50,000 they received during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

This remarkable boost in their earnings is noteworthy, as it surpasses the income referees receive for officiating UEFA Champions League games, tripling their World Cup compensation.

Additionally, assistant referees also saw an increase in their agreed remuneration, with each linesman receiving $25,000 during the World Cup in Russia.

This marked a historic moment in the competition’s history, with increased compensation for the officials.

VARs were in use during the entire game. Unlike assistant referees, VARs had the chance to earn an additional $25,000 on top of their predetermined compensation.

Referees Per Match Fees

Match referees at the 2018 World Cup were compensated with $3,000 and £2,260 per game. Typically, they officiated around two matches, and these match fees were added to their contracted pay.

Video assistant referees (VARs), on the other hand, earned a flat rate of $2,000 or £1,500 per match, which was less than the assistant referees’ pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do referees get paid for the Qatar World Cup?

Match Referees-€5,000
Assistant Referees-€2,500
Fourth Official-€2,500
Video Assistant Referees-€3,000

Is being a FIFA referee a full-time job?

No, it is a Part-time job

Who pays FIFA referees?

FIFA referees are paid by FIFA, the international governing body of soccer (football)