How Much Will FIFA World Cup 2026 Ticket Cost?

The FIFA World Cup stands as the pinnacle of international football, a global celebration that unites nations in the spirit of competition every four years. With the FIFA World Cup 2026 on the horizon, anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. 

Football enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the chance to witness thrilling matches and rally behind their beloved teams. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the realm of FIFA World Cup 2026 tickets. 

We’ll uncover their significance, unravel the intricacies of the ticketing process, examine ticket pricing, and provide an insightful look into all things related to securing your seat at this extraordinary event.

World Cup 2026 Tickets Price & Packages

The World Cup 2026 ticket prices and packages are yet to be officially announced by FIFA. But we all know by now that the FIFA World Cup 2026 ticket price will be high. 

Considering the 2022 World Cup ticket prices, we can only expect the ticket price for the World Cup 2026 to be just as pricey or even higher. With the US ticket prices known always to be higher than most, you should be expecting to pay $400 for a ticket.

Different Ticket Packages

When it comes to the FIFA World Cup 2026, ticket prices are a multifaceted aspect that hinges on several factors, including seating category, match significance, and tournament stage. 

To provide some clarity, it’s crucial to understand that ticket prices for individual matches will exhibit a tiered structure. Generally, group-stage matches will kick off the pricing spectrum, offering more accessible rates, while the cost tends to escalate as we progress into the knockout stages.

For the most accurate and current information regarding FIFA World Cup 2026 ticket prices, it’s advisable to refer to the official FIFA website. 

FIFA conscientiously caters to diverse preferences and budgets by offering various ticket categories. These projected ticket prices draw inspiration from the 2022 World Cup ticket pricing structure, but it’s essential to acknowledge that they may be subject to fluctuations and alterations as the tournament approaches.

Below are predicted ticket prices and packages structured based on the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Stage CAT 1 CAT 2 CAT 3 CAT 4
Opening Match $700 $500 $380 $80
Group Matches $320 $200 $95 $20
Round Of 16 $375 $306 $130 $50
Quarter-Finals $500 $350 $280 $100
Semi-Finals $1130 $790 $450 $190
3rd/4th Place $550 $402 $306 $110
Final Match $1900 $1200 $900 $400


How To Get World Cup Tickets 2026

You can easily purchase the World Cup 2026 tickets from FIFA’s official ticketing platform. Their platform is the safest and most secure environment for football fans looking to get their tickets ahead of the opening games.

Fans can browse through available tickets, pick a preferred match, and also complete the purchase easily. 

You must stick to this official platform to avoid falling for scams in some fraudulent schemes.

Registration And Purchasing Steps

Before you can buy the FIFA World Cup 2026 tickets, you’ll have to register and sign up on the official ticketing platform. You’ll have to input your details, name, contact information, and identification documents.

Once you’ve been registered, you’ll able to easily navigate through the tickets available for the game, pick the one you want, and proceed to buy. However, you should know that ticket supply will vary on demand, and tickets for big games are likely to sell out faster than most.

When Will World Cup 2026 Tickets Go On Sale?

According to the previous arrangements of the 2022 World Cup, we can expect 2026 FIFA World Cup tickets to go on sale in late 2025 and last till the end of the FIFA World Cup 2026 in July.

World Cup 2026 Schedule – When Will the 2026 World Cup Start?

The 2026 FIFA World Cup is expected to start its opening match in May 2026. However, this is subject to change as a lot could still happen before we enter 2026. The final of the 2026 World Cup is expected to be played on 19 July 2026. 


How much will a 2026 World Cup ticket cost?

The 2026 World Cup ticket price is expected to vary over time. However, you should expect an average of $400.

Can I Buy 2026 World Cup Tickets Right Now?

You can purchase the 2026 World Cup ticket in late 2025. 

Where do you buy tickets for World Cup 2026?

You can buy tickets for World Cup 2026 at the FIFA official ticketing platform.

When Will World Cup 2026 Tickets Be Released?

The World Cup 2026 tickets will be released in late 2025.

When can I buy tickets for World Cup 2026?

You can purchase the 2026 World Cup tickets in late 2025

When can you start buying FIFA World Cup tickets?

In late 2025.

How World Cup tickets are sold?

World Cup tickets are sold at FIFA’s official ticketing platform.

Can you buy World Cup tickets second-hand?

Yes, you can buy the 2026 World Cup tickets second-hand.

Can I buy World Cup tickets online?

Yes, you can buy the World Cup 2026 tickets online at FIFA’s official ticketing platform.