Sepp Blatter and Linda

Sepp Blatter’s girlfriend, the striking Linda Barras, has been his companion since 2014. It’s widely believed that their connection was facilitated through Sepp Blatter’s niece.

Notably, Blatter had attended a charity event organized by Linda Barras back in 2008, where their paths may have first crossed. Additionally, Linda Barras shares a close friendship with Blatter’s niece, strengthening their connection.

Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s former president banned until 2027 due to corruption, also leads an interesting personal life.

Renowned for his high-profile relationships, Sepp Blatter’s current girlfriend stands out as a noteworthy addition to his story. The Swiss millionaire appears to appreciate the unique qualities of his latest partner, adding another layer to the intriguing narrative of his life.

Who is Linda Barras?

Linda Barras is well-known as the partner of former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, but she’s also a businesswoman known for her kind-hearted nature.

Let’s explore Linda Barras’s life. She was born in 1964, making her 58 years old, and there’s a 28-year age gap between her and Sepp Blatter, born on March 10, 1936. The couple has consistently expressed that age is not a concern for them.

While her zodiac sign remains a mystery due to her undisclosed birthdate, Linda Barras is proudly Swiss by nationality, born in Switzerland.

Who is Sepp Blatter’s girlfriend?

Sepp Blatter and Linda Barras

Linda Barras is Sepp Blatter’s girlfriend. Their connection is widely believed to have been facilitated through Sepp Blatter’s niece. Interestingly, their paths may have first crossed at a charity event organized by Linda Barras in 2008, marking the beginning of their relationship.

Linda Barras Body Measurements

Linda Barras stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.74 meters) and weighs approximately 60 kg (132 lbs). She possesses brown hair and brown eyes.

As of now, there is no information suggesting that Linda Barras has any tattoos on her body.

The relationship between Sepp Blatter and Linda Barras began in 2014. Notably, at the commencement of their relationship, Linda was still married to the millionaire Christian Barras.

How many children does each have with their ex-partners?

Linda Barras is the mother of two daughters from her marriage to Christian Barras. Despite their decision to maintain privacy, no details about the daughters have been disclosed.

Sepp Blatter, on the other hand, has a daughter named Corinne Blatter from his marriage to Liliane Biner. Corinne has pursued a career in education and works as a teacher.

How many wives has Sepp Blatter had?

Sepp Blatter, known for his multiple marriages, has been married three times.

Blatter’s initial marriage was with Liliane Biner, which proved to be short-lived and concluded with divorce.

In 1981, Blatter tied the knot with Barbara Käser, the daughter of Helmut Käser, Blatter’s predecessor as the secretary general of FIFA. Their union endured for ten years, but unfortunately, Barbara passed away due to complications after an operation.

On December 23, 2002, Blatter entered into his third marriage with Graziella Bianca. Graziella, a dolphin trainer and a friend of his daughter became his wife. However, their marital journey ended in divorce in 2004.

Linda Barras Relationships

Linda, like Sepp Blatter, had been married before, although not three times.

She was previously married to millionaire estate owner Christian Barras, and the specific date of their marriage remains undisclosed. Interestingly, Linda began her relationship with Sepp before finalizing her divorce from Christian.

Gabriel Barras, Christian’s cousin, commented on the situation, stating that his cousin is comfortable with Linda’s relationship with Sepp Blatter.

Linda Barras’s Net Worth

Linda Barras’s net worth is currently under review, so stay tuned for further information. As her occupation is unknown, details about her income are also undisclosed.

On the other hand, Sepp Blatter’s estimated net worth is around $40 million, with a salary of $6 million. Blatter accumulated much of his wealth during his tenure as the head of FIFA.

Linda Barras and Sepp Blatter’s Children

Linda Barras and Sepp Blatter do not share any children together.