hottest female soccer player

Soccer is no longer solely a sport for men, as numerous talented women have demonstrated their prowess. The game takes on added excitement when the most skilled and sexiest female footballers showcase their abilities on the field.

We’re drawn to women’s football not only for their beauty but also for their remarkable talent and strategic brilliance.

While male footballers have historically dominated the sport, women’s football is steadily gaining immense popularity.

The skills exhibited by female players are ever-evolving, adapting as the sport itself advances, making it an exciting and compelling arena for fans to follow and enjoy.

Here Are The 10 Sexiest And Hottest Female Soccer Players

Choosing the most sexiest female soccer players is no easy task, given the abundance of talented and beautiful women on the field. However, after careful consideration and research, we’ve compiled this list:

1. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan

Born in California, Alex Morgan is an accomplished American professional footballer. Morgan serves as both the captain of the U.S. National Football Team and a striker for the San Diego Wave FC.

She tied the knot with footballer Servando Carrasco in 2014, solidifying her status among the best female soccer players. With her stunning physique, she easily secures a spot in the top five list of the hottest women’s soccer players. On the field, her captivating presence and lethal style grab everyone’s attention, making it hard to overlook her. Her effortlessly beautiful face adds to her overall charm.

2. Lauren Sesselmann

Lauren Sesselmann

Lauren Sesselmann is recognized as one of the most attractive female football players. Sesselmann captivates admirers with her remarkable physique. She enjoyed a successful career as a Canadian soccer player, earning an Olympic bronze medal.

Currently, she showcases her skills as both a forward and defender for the Santa Clarita Blue Heat.

She serves as a fitness program instructor, presenter, and producer. Additionally, she represented the Canadian soccer team from 2011 to 2015. Sesselmann is renowned as one of the most sexiest female footballers and is also counted among the wealthiest female players.

3. Alisha Lehmann

Alisha Lehmann

Alisha Lehmann is a talented Swiss footballer who currently competes for Aston Villa and the Switzerland National Team.

Lehmann identifies as bisexual and initially came out as a lesbian. Up until 2022, she was in a relationship with Douglas Luiz, a midfielder at Aston Villa.

Alisha ranks among the top female footballers with the largest Instagram followers. She is also one of the most renowned women’s soccer stars. Lehmann stands out as an exceptional women’s soccer player and holds a special place as a beloved figure among her fans.

4. Kealia Watt

Kealia Watt

Kealia Watt is widely regarded as one of the most attractive female soccer players globally. Her strikingly long legs, captivating physique, and charming face have captured the hearts of admirers worldwide.

Kealia is considered one of the most sexiest American soccer players, having represented the Chicago Red Stars from 2020 to 2021. She began her soccer journey during her teenage years and consistently delivered outstanding performances.

Watt has additionally showcased her skills for the U.S. team in the U-21, U-20, and U-17 categories. Despite being visually impaired in her right eye, this has not hindered her from delivering exceptional performances.

She rightfully earns her place in the ranks of the world’s best women’s soccer players.

5. Kosovare Asllani

Kosovare Asllani

Kosovare Asllani holds the fifth spot in our compilation of the world’s most stunning soccer players. Her on-field presence draws fans’ admiration, owing to her graceful physique. Asllani is a Swedish women’s football star, actively representing the Swedish national team and the Italian club AC Milan.

Kosovare Asllani excels as both an attacking midfielder and a striker, showcasing remarkable speed and exceptional technique on the field.

Asllani is celebrated not only for her beauty but also for her outstanding soccer skills. Among fans, she is affectionately known as “Queen,” and her nickname is “kossse.”

6. Ana Maria Marković

Ana Maria Marković

Ana Maria Marković stands out as one of the sexiest young women’s football players, captivating everyone with her charming looks and elegant style. Hailing from Croatia, she represents the Croatia National Team and the Grasshopper Club.

With her alluring physique, Marković boasts one of the largest Instagram followings among female footballers. She serves as an inspiration for young girls, showcasing the combination of intelligence and beauty in the world of sports.

7. Selina Wagner

selina wagner

Selina Wagner, a talented German female footballer, graces the field as a midfielder for SC Sand. Her endearing facial expressions and captivating style have endeared her to fans.

Renowned for her swift kicks and technical prowess, Wagner has carved her niche in the world of football. In 2011, her fan base grew substantially when she participated in a photo session for Playboy magazine to promote the competitions.

8. Nayeli Rangel

Nayeli Rangel

Nayeli Rangel is celebrated as one of the hottest female soccer players globally. Hailing from Mexico, Rangel serves as a midfielder for the Mexico National Football Team and the Tigres UANL.

Her captivating performances and graceful physique have endeared her to fans worldwide. Rangel’s charming smile and delightful poses consistently captivate the attention of her admirers.

9. Adriana Leon

Adriana Leon

Adriana Leon, a Canadian women’s football sensation born on October 2, 1992, in Mississauga, makes our list of the hottest female soccer players due to her stunning physique.

Her enchanting body leaves admirers wishing for a chance to date her. She currently represents the Canada National Team, Manchester United, and Portland Thorns, and interestingly, she had a background in figure skating and ice hockey before pursuing soccer.

10. Jordyn Huitema

Jordyn Huitema

Jordyn Huitema, a Canadian forward for the Canadian National Team and OL Reign, is a young and talented female soccer player.

She made her first goal at just 16 years old. On the field, fans are captivated by her performance, stunning physique, and stylish flair.

Huitema’s soccer journey began at the age of four when she joined Chilliwack FC. Today, she stands as one of the world’s hottest female soccer players.