Lucas Paqueta's Wife | MAria Eduarda

Maria Eduarda Fournier is the striking wife of the talented footballer, Lucas Paqueta. In this article, you’ll uncover a wealth of information about Maria Eduarda Fournier, providing a glimpse into the life of Lucas Paqueta’s wife.

Lucas Paqueta is a distinguished Brazilian professional footballer who currently graces the Premier League stage as a member of West Ham United. Additionally, he represents the Brazilian national team, earning acclaim as one of the finest midfielders in the sport.

His remarkable performances at Olympique Lyon captivated football enthusiasts worldwide. Following a successful two-year stint with Lyon, Paqueta embarked on a new footballing journey in London, donning the colours of the Hammers.

In August 2022, the anticipated move to East London materialized, and it brought along not only Lucas Paqueta but also his beautiful wife and their two adorable children, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in their lives.

Maria Eduarda Fournier &  Paqueta’s Love Story

Maria Eduarda Fournier is the wife of Lucas Paqueta, who plays for West Ham in the Premier League. He shares a special bond with Maria Eduarda Fournier as they’ve been together since his days at Flamengo. Their love story commenced in 2017, culminating in a grand wedding ceremony in 2018.

Maria Eduarda Fournier, renowned as the wife of West Ham United sensation Lucas Paqueta, has established her presence as a YouTuber and Instagram influencer.

In an August proposal brimming with love and excitement, Lucas Paqueta asked for Maria Eduarda Fournier’s hand in marriage. Merely a few months later, in November, the couple sealed their commitment in a joyous wedding celebration.

Maria Eduarda Fournier Age – How Old Is Lucas Paqueta’s Wife?

Maria Eduarda Fournier entered the world on February 10, 1993, making her 29 years old.

Her zodiac sign is Aquarius, which signifies her as an ambitious and forward-thinking individual. Aquarians, typically characterized by their independence and creativity, are known for their progressive outlook on life.

Maria Eduarda Fournier And Lucas Paqueta’s Children

Maria Eduarda Fournier and Lucas Paqueta are proud parents of two sons. Their eldest, Benicio, was born in June 2020. Just a year later, in June 2021, their family joyfully welcomed their second son, Filippo, into the world.

Maria Eduarda Fournier FAQs

Who is Lucas Paqueta’s Wife?

Maria Eduarda Fournier is the wife of Lucas Paqueta.

How old is Maria Eduarda Fournier?

She is 30 years old in 2023.

How many children does Maria Eduarda Fournier have?

Maria Eduarda Fournier has two children for Lucas Paqueta; Benicio and Filippo.