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Theresa Doyle, the stunning wife of Manchester United icon Roy Keane, is a private figure in the football legend’s life. Although Keane rarely discusses Theresa in public, he has acknowledged her unwavering support as his rock. 

If you’re curious about Theresa Doyle, including details like her age, birthday, zodiac sign, height, and weight, we’ve got you covered.

Roy Keane, a former professional player turned football pundit and manager, is widely regarded as Ireland’s most successful footballer. 

His illustrious career boasts an impressive 19 major trophies, with a remarkable 17 earned during his tenure at the Premier League powerhouse, Manchester United.

Known for his fiery performances on the pitch and candid off-field demeanour, Roy Keane has been a prominent figure in football. Throughout more than two decades of marriage, Theresa Doyle has demonstrated her ability to handle his intense personality with grace.

Theresa Doyle – Who is Roy Keane’s wife? 

Roy Keane is happily married to Theresa Doyle. Their love story began in 1992 when Roy was playing for Nottingham Forest under the legendary manager Brian Clough.

Their first encounter was in a Nottingham club, where Roy first laid eyes on Theresa. Interestingly, Theresa wasn’t initially drawn to Roy as she was in a committed relationship at the time. However, fate had other plans.

After her previous relationship ended, Theresa eventually agreed to go out with Roy Keane, and from that moment on, their love story began to unfold. This culminated in a beautiful and private wedding ceremony at the Church of Our Lady Crowned in Mayfield, Cork, where they embarked on their journey together as a married couple.

Theresa Doyle and Roy Keane’s Children

They are proud parents to five wonderful children whose names are Shannon, Caragh, Aidan, Leah, and Alanna.

Over more than two decades, Theresa Doyle and Roy Keane have built a life together that includes the joy of raising a family. 

Roy Keane Wife Photos

Theresa Doyle has some beautiful pictures that have spread across the internet over the last few years. Below are a few of Roy Keane’s wife’s photos.

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Roy Keane Wife FAQs

Who is Roy Keane married to?

Roy Keane is married to Theresa Doyle, and they have been married for over 20 years.

Is Roy Keane married?

Roy Keane is married to Theresa Doyle. They have been married since 1997.