Zlatan breaks silence and reveals why Paul Pogba struggled at Manchester United


Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes Paul Pogba struggled at Manchester United earlier in the season because he was trying too hard to justify his world record transfer fee.

After a rocky start to his United career, Pogba has exploded on the scene in recent matches and has managed to come up with goals and assists for Manchester United.

Pogba managed his 5th assist of the season in United’s 3-1 win over Sunderland and Zlatan believes there is more to come from Pogba who can only get better from here.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, Zlatan said: “I think when Paul came, in his first period in United, let’s say the first month, I think he wanted to demonstrate too much that he was worth the transfer that happened instead of playing his game like he knows how to play,” Ibrahimovic told ESPN FC.

“When that started to cool down, he started to play like he knows how to play, and he makes it more easier for himself, doesn’t need to demonstrate because everyone knows who Paul is, what he has been doing at Juventus for the past three to four years, what he’s able to do, and now he’s playing more like Pogba.

“He has nothing to demonstrate, he has nothing to show, he just needs to enjoy the game and help the team like he’s doing now. So now he’s playing like a mature player and you see the results.”