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Will the stadium ban change Jose Mourinho?

For what it was worth, Jose Mourinho chose to utter the wrong set of words in getting himself sent off to the stands against West Ham and then getting his one-match Stadium ban evoked for the game against Stoke City. Mourinho was forced to watch the game from outside Britannia Stadium and while watching the game, Jose should have had very little complains from the referee or the other officials as there was no excuse for Chelsea’s defeat to Stoke. The Blues lost the game simply because they were good enough on the night.

Bans like these have a lasting impression on any manager, and I just wonder sitting on his couch while watching the game, Mourinho may have realized one very important thing that, he can no longer be the headline for Chelsea Football Club. He has been a great exponent of mind games, perhaps the greatest ever since Sir Alex Ferguson, but that has started to take a toll on Mourinho and his team in general.

Mourinho must realize that, here is a team who have already lost 7 league games, who are conceding goals for fun and scoring very little. It is about time for the Special One to cut out the rants against ref and focus on getting his team back on track. And I am convinced in a way that the Stadium Ban will do him more good than harm. Jose has always been a manager, who has diverted all the attention on him rather than his players, however, this season that tact has failed, and now he should just let things take care of themselves on the pitch and leave everything out on the ground.

Contrary to his volatile Press-match conferences, he should just speak facts and should never repeat his “I’ve got nothing to say” debacle. In a way, Jose has got his third chance at Chelsea and he should do everything in his powers to make it work, or else, it will be curtains for the Special One at his beloved Football club. Stadium ban and the International break has taken the heat off him and his club, he should make use of this window and look to strat fresh when they take on Norwich at home, on 21st November.

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