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We do want to believe in England but history tells us otherwise

Euro 2016 is just a week away from kick-off and as ever England are the most talked-about team leading up to the competition and all of it is down to just one extraordinary 2015/16 season.

Premier League witnessed the rise and rise of Eric Dier, Dele Alli, Chris Smalling, Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane which has suddenly made Three Lions one of the favorites to lift the trophy.

However, England supporters have been left to rue their blind support in the past and it can comeback to haunt them yet again. For all their exuberance and exciting play, Roy Hodgson’s side desperately lack big tournament experience.

Amongst England’s 23-man Euro 2016 squad, only Wayne Rooney and Joe Hart have played more than 50 games for their country while the likes of Kane, Alli, Dier and Rashford are yet to hit the 15-game mark for Three Lions.

England’s Pre-tournament for England

England won all 10 of their qualifier matches leading up to Euro 2016. Then they beat Germany in one of the friendlies in Berlin and won all three of their pre-Euro friendlies against Turkey, Australia and Portugal.

While the form looks good for Hodgson’s men, one cannot ignore the obvious lack of experience for these young and impressive stars leading up to the Euros. England have been known to choke at the major tournament as their last major final was back in 1966 World Cup.

To further highlight on being the chokers, a large part of the team is built on Tottenham Hotspurs’ young players, who failed in their Premier League pursuit last season as well.

Like England, Spurs looked vibrant throughout the season but when it mattered the most, they capitulated and virtually gave up the fight. Who is to say that same will not happen at Euro 2016 as well?

Hope vs reality for England at the Euros

Being a Premier League fan myself, I am somewhat biased towards England but I don’t have my Arsene Wenger glasses on all the time.

While I do see the potential from Hodgson’s young side, but I am prepared to see a capitulation from England, which is never far away from happening.

My only concern is the lack of big-tournament experience for these players which will become a factor when they come up against the likes of Spain and Germany, who have been known to win trophies in recent years.

On paper, England look as impressive as any side at the Euros, however, it is about time for Three Lions to start performing on the pitch rather than proving their abilities only prior to a big tournament.