Why Arsenal are drifting away from the title race?


A few days ago, I wrote a positive article on Arsenal, and the great reception it received from the readers bounded me to write another article based on the same club, but, this time it is not something to be too ecstatic about.

For the fans, it has been like every year they think it’s their year, but rival clubs walk away with the league title. This custom is being continued form the past 12 years, and who knows whether they can put a full-stop to it this year?

Will Arsenal win this season’s EPL title?

However, with giants like Manchester United and Chelsea already knocked off, to be honest, they have relatively higher chances of winning the title this year. Assuming that Leciester are still a mile away, only two big horses, Arsenal and Manchester City, are left in the race.

After signing only Petr Cech in the summer transfer window, the demands were being raised to sign an outfield player in January. Though, they have not signed any big name, they managed to bring Mohamed Elneny from Basel, who is surely expected to blossom under Arsenal’s coaching system.

However, from the past few weeks, we have been noticing that the point’s difference between Gunners and the Foxes is increasing rapidly, as Arsenal continue to play out draws against easier opponents.

The draw with Southampton described the whole scenario in a nutshell, all indicating that they are not in a serious mood to pick up the title once again after all the initial ground work.

What can be the reasons behind this un-mindedness? We are running down the possible causes:

1. When Sanchez and Özil flop, the whole team flops:

It is being repeatedly spotted that the day when Sanchez and Özil put wrong crosses, or take lesser shots on goal, the whole team sets back itself, declining to a  defensive tactics.

This one-man-dependency should not persist in any team. Yes, it is true that Özil is really leading the line; the team loses its strength without him, but his off-form should not affect them to such an extent that they forget to pop-up goals. This is an area to be improved.

2. A hollow tactic:

It looks as if the tactic devised by Arsène Wenger is running on behalf of luck, failing to provide them consistency even at this crucial stage of the season. The recent 4-1 loss to Stoke City, 1-0 loss to Chelsea, described the scenario.

Though, the whole season has been full of inconsistent tales, the Gunners have been holding a special record in this case, definitely, not a record to boast about.

3. Is playing rough the ideal solution?

It looks as if Arsène Wenger has forgotten about the mountain of injuries that made him cry earlier in this season. The way they are playing over the last few matches, it not helping them anyhow, never.

When they choose to go hard, they simply lose everything. The match against Chelsea was just proper evidence about this case. If Wenger starts to lose players again, title challenge will remain a far-fetched dream. They should change this plan, before it’s too late.

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