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Why Premier League fans are very excited with Dimitri Payet vs Mesut Ozil battle this weekend?

Back on the opening day of 2015/16 Premier League season, certain Dimitri Payet delivered Arsenal with an early season shocker by running riot from midfield and providing a match-winning performance for West Ham.

That was the first time Payet and Mesut Ozil had faced off against each other. While Ozil had one of his sub-standard games, Payet was electric and tore Arsenal to ribbons and led the way for his team.

Media did not pay too much attention to Payet’s display and tagged it as a one-off display. However, since that day on we have been seeing Payet’s brilliance every single time he dawns a West Ham shirt.

He has proven himself to be one of the best players this league has seen, and is certainly on par with Mesut Ozil as West Ham welcome Arsenal to a crucial Premier League fixture this weekend.

Arsenal are chasing an elusive league title while West Ham are chasing a top 4 place themselves. When the two teams meet this weekend, they will turn to their influential playmakers to be the difference and win the game for their sides.

Payet vs Ozil stats compared for 2015/16

Dimitri Payet vs Mesut Ozil battle this weekend

Payet may have enjoyed a ground breaking season at West Ham, but Mesut Ozil has experienced more successful career. Having won the La Liga title and World Cup 2014, Ozil has continued to evolve as a player.

At 27, Ozil is two years younger than Payet yet is a more accomplished player. He is enjoying an excellent season himself where we have seen him come up with 18 league assists, just 2 shy of the all-time Premier League record.

The sheer excitement Payet and Ozil have brought upon the Premier League this season is beyond words. That is why their face-off this weekend will be an occasion worth savoring.

While Ozil has orchestrated his team’s play from the number 10 role, Payet has been involved in EVERYTHING good West Ham have achieved going forward.

Ozil’s chance creation is better than Payet, but the Frenchman is far more deadly when it comes to taking defenders on and scoring goals from jaw dropping free kicks.

Earlier in the week, Arsene Wenger commented on how he has seen a rise in Payet’s dedication because Arsenal had turned him down couple of years ago for his lackluster approach towards the game.

Having seen Payet play to the level he has this season, one can only imagine what would have happened had Ozil and Payet played in the same team at Emirates. Surely the league title which is looking more or less out Wenger’s hands would have been bagged way back.

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