Where will Leicester City finish the 2015/16 season?


Leicester City – the English club whose aim before the season kicked off was to survive the relegation zone but, now they are pretty serious to secure a rank among the top four. Not much of surprises as the Foxes have already completed a handful of tough challenges, which were totally unexpected from them.

Having secured 44 points till now, sitting at top of the league position, scoring 42 goals in total, facing defeat twice only, it should not surprise us much if they even secure this season’s league title.

No team in Premier League history has finished lower than fourth after accumulating 35 points from their opening 16 games, but will Leicester continue that trend? Can Claudio Ranieri achieve his 79-point-target? Can Leicester City overtake the Gunners, Citizens and the Red Devils in this race?  We take a look.

What more can Foxes fans wish for? Let us take a look whether the foxes can turn these predictions into actions:

What about #4?

The dream at Leicester City is continuing and shows no signs of slowing down. Even the 4th position will be a prestigious finish for the Foxes, especially if they can beat teams like Liverpool, Everton or Tottenham.

If they really succeed in this mission, they will secure a Champion’s league spot next season, an unanticipated gift. The man to be credited for the team’s success is none other than Ranieri, who really proved that he can turn bronze into gold. Injury to any in-form player might hamper them, but let’s hope for the best.

Chances – 7/10

#3: The best-suited spot?

It will be an injustice to them if we keep expecting a first position finish. But, we have to admit that they have been the most consistent team this season in the division. The Foxes have been so good that not even the heavyweights can afford to leave a hole at the back, or else, they will flourish.

They are having hidden beasts in the form of Vardy and Mahrez, who should continue accelerating. The Foxes will finish a memorable campaign in third place behind Manchester City and Arsenal and in front of Manchester United and Tottenham.

But, Ranieri cannot afford any injuries now. The Foxes still have to go to Arsenal, City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Everton, Liverpool and Chelsea. A #3 position will still be a remarkable achievement.

Chances– 8.5/10

#1: Should they go for it?

I, personally, am going for it. I really think they deserve it, deserve it more than anyone else. They have been showing us some stunning football this season, and no reason why they cannot do it for the remaining 15 matches.

They are still winning games, and I think if they continue this form till the very end, they will easily have their hands on the cup. There is a reason why I am saying this, and that is, even Blackburn Rovers did it in 1995, when they had two strikers at their best and a tactical mastermind. Vardy, Mahrez and Ranieri have also reserved the same positions.

The duo has scored 28 goals till now, and if they bag about 20 more, 1st position won’t be too far. However, they should not sell the rampaging duo of Jamie Vardy and Mahrez in January.

Chances: 6/10

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