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If not Manchester United, where will Jose Mourinho manage next season?

Today’s British and French media were filled with Jose Mourinho signing YET ANOTHER pre-contract agreement with Manchester United. Like all the previous reports, there are no creditable source associated with the story, rather a random guesswork from El Pais.

As things stand, we are still not clear about Jose Mourinho’s next club. Manchester United look like the obvious destination for the former Chelsea manager, but what if it does not go as per plans for The Special One?

By now, we have got a rough idea of how Man United’s Top Brass are not convinced with Mourinho taking over at Old Trafford. There is a possibility of either Louis Van Gaal seeing out his contract next summer or Ryan Giggs being given the job on a permanent basis.

If either of these things happen, where would it leave Jose Mourinho? He will certainly not return to Chelsea, that door may have been closed forever. Given Mourinho’s reputation and aura, there are very few clubs in Europe who can afford to hire him.

On that note, we take a look at five possible destinations for Jose Mourinho, if he does not take over at Manchester United next season.

Arsenal (English Premier League)

where will Jose Mourinho manage next season

Perhaps not a popular choice among Arsenal fans given the vile history between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger. However given the frustrations of seeing their club throw away another title opportunity, some of the Arsenal fans may welcome it as a positive change.

Mourinho is a proven winner and that is the only thing lacking at Emirates right now. They have the players to go with an attractive playing style, all it needs is some leadership and mindful signings. These things can be brought to the club if Jose Mourinho takes over at Arsenal next season.

Paris Saint-Germain (Ligue 1)

where will Jose Mourinho manage next season

I would say it is the most viable option for Mourinho next season. PSG have a proper project at hand with ample amount of cash at their disposal. Laurant Blanc has done a commendable job with the Ligue 1 side, but there is never any harm in getting an upgrade if it is available.

Mourinho could take the French giants to the next level if he takes over at Parc des Princes next season. Not only that, it would convince Zlatan Ibrahimovic to stay at PSG for another season even without asking for his statue in place of Eiffel Tower.

Inter Milan (Serie A)

where will Jose Mourinho manage next season

No prizes for guessing here as to why Jose Mourinho would join Inter Milan if Manchester United do not sign him next season. San Siro is almost like a second home for the Special One and moving to Italy would still be a popular choice.

Mourinho met with Inter’s Director Massimo Moratti earlier this month and who is to say that they did not discuss the possibility of Jose returning to Inter Milan next season.

Real Madrid (La Liga)

where will Jose Mourinho manage next season

Few section of the Spanish media are reporting that Zinedine Zidane is already considering his future at Real Madrid given disagreements over club’s transfer targets for next season.

Florentio Perez’s attempts at bringing Mourinho back to Santiago Bernabeu have been revealed by AS and Marca. Back then Mourinho turned down the offer citing Manchester United as his ideal destination.

However, if The Red Devils back out on signing Jose next season, Real Madrid would still be a possibility for Mourinho, who was the last manager to win the La Liga title for Los Blancos.

Tottenham Hotspur (English Premier League)

where will Jose Mourinho manage next season

It may be a wild card here but given Mourinho’s ambition to stay in London and work in Premier League, Tottenham could end up being his last resort.

Manchester United are courting Mauricio Pochettino as another potential candidate for next season, and if the Argentine takes over at Old Trafford, White Hart Lane would need a new man in charge.

Tottenham are no longer one of the smaller teams in England. They have a youthful squad who could be the next Premier League Champions. Mourinho might not hesitate in taking the Spurs job if made available to him, if not for any reason, just to irritate Arsenal fans even more.

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