Where do Chelsea go following their Stamford Bridge humiliation?


Chelsea’s 3-0 hammering from Manchester City was another poor result for the Blues in a disastrous 2015/16 season. This was Chelsea’s 5th home defeat in the league and 11th overall of the season. Their defense was at shambles, midfield was no where to be found and attack was close to being negligible.

We have gone past the phase where it was being said that Chelsea look a mere shadow of their title winning 2014/15 season. Current campaign has been nothing short of a disaster where club made plenty of wrong decisions.

Despite the early season rifts at Stamford Bridge, sacking of Jose Mourinho was not the right thing to do. They should have shown their faith in Special One and he would have indeed turned things around.

They brought Guus Hiddink on a temporary basis, while his stabling act may have made fans go gaga but there is no denying that his rebuilding act was nothing short of a mediocre one. He turned Chelsea in to a team who played out for draws and were afraid of playing expansive football.

Earlier in the month Antonio Conte was named as the next manager of Chelsea leaving everyone to ponder where the West London club are headed. To begin with Chelsea need to be ruthless in letting all the under-performers leave regardless of their stardom and salary package.

Another aspect that will define Chelsea’s next season will be the new players arriving at Stamford Bridge. Lack of Champions League football will make it harder for Roman Abramovich to attract top players and perhaps shell out more than the market value.

Fans would need to be patient as well since there are no guarantees of immediate success with Conte’s arrival. Just like Hiddink, Stamford Bridge faithfuls would be required to put their faith in Conte’s approach which at times come as defensive to his own supporters.

Euro 2016 will be a fair idea in to Chelsea’s next season ambitions after we will seeing how Antonio Conte’s Italy fares at the competition later this summer.

Chelsea would ideally want to start brightly under their new manager, however, fighting for the league title may not be a possibility for next couple of seasons. Immediate goal for The Blues would be to return to Champions League football at the earliest.

That is how they would once again establish themselves among European elites after a horrendous 2015/16 season.

Image Credit: Sky Sports