What Celtic need to do to be a known name in Europe


Celtic went 69 games unbeaten in Scotland last year. This was a remarkable achievement for the club and manager. Brendan Rodgers has done a great job at the club since taking over from Ronny Deila in 2016.

This great job he has done is a testament to how Celtic has grown on the field and financially off the fiels.

Two champions league qualifications is just one that has to speak of the improvement that has happened to the club.

With back to back group stage elimination in the champions league, Celtic have to come back next season to compete for the most prestigious club tournament in Europe. But will the Hoops continue to participate and get knocked out of the tournament and be bossing Scotland forever? Something as to change if Celtic have to return to the days of the ’67s when they won their first European cup. What do they have to do to get back to this level?

The first thing Celtic have to know is that the champions league is structured in a way to favour the top money bags club in Europe. To break such system means that they also do what they do-spend big which is impossible at this point in time. However there is a possible way out for Celtic.

Every time they get to the group stage and are paired with the likes of Barcelona and PSG, the aim and target for Celtic is to try as much as possible to finish third in the group. After every draw is made, you will see your opponents and it’s likely to know the likely group winners.

Chasing a third place finish or Europe league spot through that route is a very realistic and sensible option to consider.

At the Europa league, Celtic could try and fight for a quarter final place. The likes of Sevilla, Athletico Bilbao have used this second tie of European competition to make themselves clubs to reckon with. Trying to compete with the big boys in the UCL is just a wild goose chase that will always result in futile effort.