What Arsenal need to do if they want to win 2015/16 Premier League title?


There is no doubt that the Gunners have already started asserting their superiority over the league title as they are ahead of all the big guns in the premier league. The Gunners are currently in a top form, losing just two of their last nine league games.

Arsène Wenger must be content seeing his team perform so well. Despite pundits such as Thierry Henry and Ian Wright convinced of Arsenal’s Premier League win, however, lucid analysis might reveal the areas where Arsène Wenger needs some enhancement to quench the 11-year-cup-thirst, we take a closer look:

  1. Signings, signings and signings

Manchester United and Man City have both exhausted their budgets, and now it’s time for Arsène Wenger to step up, and recruit some of the world-class players before the winter transfer window closes.

LVG had signed several players in the summer, but none of them have made any real impact on United’s title push so far this season. So far, United have shown no willingness to sign any other player in the winter transfer window.

This will surely pave a way for the Gunners to sign the best in-form players from all around the globe. Mohamed Elneny should not be the only answer to Arsenal’s player crisis. A few more quality signings (like Aubameyang or Cavani) are being expected from this Frenchman to uplift the quality of his game.

  1. Sanchez and Özil, should they be used judiciously?

As far as playmakers are concerned, this duo have reserved the first position in Wenger’s lineup. The German star, Mesut Özil is performing as if he is the one-man-army for Arsenal and has already bagged 16 assists.

He is an absolute defender’s nightmare as his shots, crosses and assists are always spot-on. He fits perfectly in any midfield position and is busy establishing himself as one the future legends of Arsenal.

As for Alexis, the Chilean playmaker is also striving to be one of  league’s best forward. But, even stars need rest, or injuries will end up hurting Gunners’ title chances. Yes, it’s hard to set them apart, but there is still a long way to go! If they get injured once again, Arsenal’s mechanism will surely break down. So, Wenger should capitalize on them quite judiciously.

  1. Consistency, the key to success?

The battle to rank among the top four gets more intense and fierce every year, and the last few months of 2015 have been absolutely crazy. All the English clubs have been inconsistent this season, and the Gunners have been a part of it.

From Leicester City’s 1st position record to Chelsea sliding from reigning champions to 14th hasn’t been short of incredible tales. From their 3-0 win over Manchester United to 4-0 loss to Stoke City, Gunners have seen several inconsistent 90 minutes.

Now, consistency is what Wenger will be looking from his team. If they can go on a 4-5 match winning run, title will not be too far from their reach.

4. Crucial results in Big Games

Arsenal take on Chelsea this weekend and perhaps, we will see the beginning of Arsenal’s real Premier League credentials. A win against the Blue will put off any detractors and Gunners will be the odds on favorite to land their first league honor in over 12 years.

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