Arsene Wenger forces Thierry Henry out of the coaching role at Arsenal


Arsene Wenger is not in a very favorable position at the club with fans asking for his exit to see a new era evolve at Arsenal. One such move was to bring the former legend Thierry Henry in a coaching capacity.

However that seems a far-fetched idea now after Wenger has forced Henry out of the club due to his punditry commitments with Sky Sports.

According to reports from Daily Mail, Wenger is not pleased with Henry and his latest comments about the Arsenal supporters and their discontentments over the lack of transfer activities.

Wenger feels that Henry cannot work with players during the week and then it is not right from him to criticize the players on Sky Sports over the weekend. Henry even offered to work for free as he is being paid £4million-per-year for by Sky Sports.

However, despite this generous offer Wenger is adamant to see the back of Henry following the striker’s remarks across the span of last season. Henry made a bold claim of Wenger not winning anything with Olivier Giroud at the club.

Wenger did not take kindly to those claims and wants to see the back of Henry who is currently working to gain his pro License Coaching Badge. At this stage it looks likely Henry will quit the club in coming weeks with Tony Adams seen as the ideal replacement.

Hypocrisy from Wenger?

One can understand Wenger’s stance of being reluctant to get rid of Thierry Henry after his comments over the club’s hopes of winning a league title. French manager believes working on TV in his free time is not allowing Henry to do his work properly.

However, Wenger was himself seen working with beinSports through out the Euro 2016. Given his own presence on TV recently, perhaps it is not the right time for him to be questioning Henry’s credibility as an Under-18 coach at Arsenal.