Is Arsene Wenger to be blamed for Jamie Vardy’s delayed transfer to Arsenal?


Despite all the positive media attention Arsene Wenger has received in recent weeks, he has only signed Granit Xhaka, who by no means is a world beater yet. As for Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Riyad Mahrez, Alvaro Morata and in particular Jamie Vardy, there have been nothing but talks and speculations.

While I understand that most of the talks are carried by the press, however, some of the very close sources to Arsenal football club were certain of Vardy signing on Monday, but talks just dragged on and on.

Having scouted through the various reasons and stories behind the delay in Vardy’s transfer to Arsenal, one common theme has been found about the player not being happy with the role offered to him by the Arsenal manager.

Are you serious Mr. Wenger?

According to Daily Mail, Vardy has been asked to operate from the right hand side while Wenger persists that Olivier Giroud will be his main striker next season.

It did not feel right even when I was typing this as Vardy netted 24 goals last season and carried Leicester to their first ever Premier League title.

As for the “handsome” Giroud, he scored 16 league goals, out of which 3 came against Aston Villa on final day of the season. That run also included 2 months for the Frenchman without a single goal.

Despite knowing all of that, why would Wenger end up asking a lethal goal scorer, who just knows how to torment defenders play out on the wings?

Has Wenger watched Vardy play for England?

If Arsenal were that serious in signing Vardy this summer, I am sure Wenger would have followed his move with the National setup where Vardy has been asked to play from the left or right and support the central striker Harry Kane.

As a result of it, he has failed to score in all the three Pre-Euro friendlies and looked the shadow of a player he was at Leicester last season. By asking him to operate from the wings, Wenger is planning for something similar next season, where 24-goal man would end up being just a support player and only an incredible runner with the ball.

It did not come as a surprise to me when I read about Vardy delaying the contract talks with Arsenal and is even considering extending his current Leicester contract. For once, Wenger had the chance to do things right at Emirates and he might have, just might have made an almighty goof-up.

Likes Claudio Ranieri, Shiji Okazaki, Olivier Giroud and Andy King have already discussed the ongoing talks of Vardy moving to Arsenal. And if for some odd reason, this transfer does not work out then the blame should or rather must be attached to Arsene Wenger and no one else, for his lack of decisiveness and failing to judge what is best for the Arsenal football club.