Wenger confirms Arsenal’s starting line-up for next season, fans will like this


It been confirmed by Manager Arsene Wenger which information Arsenal will be making use of next season.

The France manager has managed to bring in two quality players for the reinforcement of his squad ahead of the upcoming season and he is still looking to bring in more players to have a better squad next term.

Arsenal’s squad didn’t performance too great last season as they founded it difficult to make it into the Premier League top 4 list which means they will be limited not to play in the Champions League next term.

Well, it was encouraging a bit when the North London outfit beat Chelsea to the FA Cup title which help them to gain some revenue that was lost for the qualifying for the Champions League.

Such improve performance came when Wenger finally change is information which eventually turn out well for him.

Now Wenger as tried to build another squad that will hope to result to some decent next term as he say has quoted by saying that:

“We’ll test many systems. At the moment, in pre-season, we are in the continuity of the end of last season,”

“In some games, we will play with four at the back and some with three, but at the start of the season we will certainly play with three.”