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Video – Hollywood superstar Idris Elba (Arsenal Fan) mocks Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho on Live TV

Best known for his works in roles in movies like Mandela, Thor, Ghost Rider and Pacific Rim, Hollywood superstar Idris Elba has mocked Chelsea and Jose Mourinho on Live TV. Elba is known to be a big-time Arsenal fan and he made sure of putting his point across.

Elba made a claim on live TV of Arsenal being the only team in London and as for Chelsea, he was rather unkind on the Blues by making funny gestures towards Jose Mourinho. Elba clearly said that by saying so, he will have Chelsea fans hate him but he didn’t care of what the Blues fans thought of him. Here is the video of Elba mocking Chelsea on Live TV:

Elba is known to be a die-hard Arsenal fan with Thierry Henry being his favorite player. Elba has been previously spotted being at the Emirates during Arsenal’s games and he let out his feelings without any degree of filter by calling Arsenal the only team in London.

Elba’s professional career has been on an all-time high with the actor featuring in a chilling new trailers of Rainbow Six Siege and Beasts No Nation. Elba was even considered to be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig steps down, however, he was considered too street to play that role. Piers Brosnan even went on to say that James Bond character will never be black.

Image credit: getty, Video Credit: Vine, Simms and Lefkoe