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It would be unfair to blame Arsene Wenger for the Norwich Draw

There is this common theme among Arsenal fans to blame Arsene Wenger for every defeat or poor result. It is almost hard to fathom the kind of swings Gunners fan base has towards their manager. One important win makes Wenger the best manager in the world while one poor result brings out the #WengerOut theme to effect.

Against Norwich, Arsenal played a questionable 1-1 draw and unsparingly Wenger has been blamed for the result, but I ask why? He did not make any alarming changes to his team, he picked Aaron Ramsey in the starting XI after the Welshman’s return from injury. Ozil, Alexis and Giroud started as well. So from his end, Wenger did all he could.

It was then down to the players to see, assess and break down Norwich’s game plan. However, it turned out to be a bad day for Arsenal as a team. Injury to Laurent Koscielny was out of Wenger’s hands. The dip in performance for Cazorla, Ozil and Alexis could not have been controlled by Arsenal boss under any circumstance.

Perhaps the only thing Wenger can be blamed for is not to strengthen his squad in the summer. After Francis Coquelin’s injury, there is not one in the squad to replace him. To make the matters worse, Gunners have failed to win both the Premier League games Coquelin has missed so far. However, that sole reason cannot come in the way of the exceptional work Arsene Wenger has done at Arsenal Football Club.

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