Tottenham crumbled under the pressure of expectation and extensive admiration

Ever since Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Harry Kane got their acts together earlier this season we have not stopped hearing about their brilliance, have we? British media has this urge of going overboard when they see the prospects of young English talents come through and strive for bigger things.

In this case they had a complete team of vibrant English players making their mark not only at club but at International level as well. Likes of Alli, Kane, Dier, Rose and Walker were followed madly throughout the season which eventually led to their downfall.

Tottenham not only lacked experience in dealing with the title race but they also had very little knowledge of how to deal with these media hogs who would not let them go far away from their front page stories.

Of all the teams in top-6 this season, Spurs were the biggest story until the last few weeks when everyone realized what Leicester were about to achieve. The Foxes were always seen as the underdog while Tottenham were tipped to be go on and clinch the title.

I had the chance to interact with several of the fans about this season’s title run-in and most of them were convinced and waiting for Leicester’s breakdown. Not only that they somehow believed Spurs would pull away at the vital moment and go for the glory.

However, all those expectations and limelight surrounding the club, they blew away right when they needed the composure and calmness. Tottenham’s capitulation at Stamford Bridge was a classic example of how a team who loses their cool when things aren’t going their way.

They snapped at Chelsea players and it led to nine Spurs players getting booked that night. That result was followed with Dele Alli’s suspension and a crushing defeat against Southampton.

After being in the title run-in for best part of the season, they will now have to end their campaign with a win to make sure they come back stronger next season. Mauricio Pochettino has signed a new deal to remain in charge which should keep Tottenham’s core at the club next season and perhaps finish the job they started this season.

They are the new bunch of young and talented players who need to be left alone and not be burnt under the pressure of expectation and certainly should not be over praised to add a degree of complacency to their game.

Next season will be key to determine if Spurs have got in them to come back from this season’s disappointments and continue on the path they have set for under Pochettino’s management. They perhaps deserve the right to find their own way to success in coming seasons rather than being told by media’s evaluation.

Image Credit: Getty, Sky Sports