Top 5 Premier League attacking duos this season


Premier League has seen one of the most remarkable season with Leicester and Tottenham fighting for the league title while West Ham are pushing for a top four spot. As for the usual suspects Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, they are playing catch up this season.

One particular thing about this season has been the link-up play between the midfield and forward players. Top teams have hunted in packs and have made things difficult for the others to contain them. With only 8 matches left to play, we take a look at Top 5 Premier League attacking duos this season.

Riyad Mahrez – Jamie Vardy (Leicester City)

Leicester City’s superstars have been the obvious and the most popular choice for the best Premier League attacking duo this season. Vardy has netted 19 goals while Mahrez has managed to score 15 and create 11 goals for his team.

Mahrez and Vardy have been directly involved in 47 goals this season, which is the most in league this season. With the duo continuing their fine form, Leicester could well be on their way to win the elusive Premier League title.

Christian Eriksen – Harry Kane (Tottenham)

Tottenham are in the title race because of these two fine players. Although, they took time in getting to their best, the numbers for Christian Eriksen and Harry Kane have been exceptional. Kane has managed to score 17 goals while Eriksen has 5 goals and 8 assists this season.

There has been a feature about Tottenham’s season, whenever they have needed a late goal, Erisken has been the man to do it and whenever the team needs a goal in a key game, Kane has been their man. Such consistency makes Eriksen and Kane as one of the top 5 Premier League attacking duos this season.

Top 5 Premier League attacking duos this season

Ross Barkley – Romelu Lukaku (Everton)

While some would argue against this Everton duo being ranked on our Top 5 Premier League attacking duos this season, but such has been their performance that it is hard to ignore them. With 18 goals and 6 assists, Lukaku is enjoying the best time of his career, while Barkley has managed 8 goals and 7 assists.

Despite these impressive numbers, Everton lie at 11th in the league table, but will be playing an FA Cup semifinal later this season after beating Chelsea 2-0 last night at Goodison Park.

Mesut Ozil – Olivier Giroud (Arsenal)

The Arsenal duo of Mesut Ozil and Olivier Giroud started the season on a very bright note, but have faded since. Giroud has managed 12 goals and 4 assists, while Ozil has swept everyone aside with 18 assists and 5 goals this season.

Arsenal are struggling for consistency in recent weeks after Ozil and Giroud have missed their radar to a degree. However, despite their recent struggles, Ozil and Giroud have been among the Top 5 Premier League attacking duos this season.

David Silva/Kevin De Bruyne – Sergio Aguero

Take your pick as the play maker in this combination because both David Silva (10 assists) and Kevin De Bruyne (5 goals and 9 assists) have been impressive. As for Sergio Aguero, he keeps scoring vital goals for Manchester City.

Unfortunately for City, all three players have spent individual spell on the sidelines and have not worked together for long, or else, we could be seeing a different side to the Premier League table right now.

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