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Top 10 Goals from Premier League 2015/16 Season

Premier League 2015/16 season may have ended tonight but it has given us plenty to talk about for at least next couple of months. One particular aspect that fascinated me the most was the astonishing quality of goals we witnessed this season.

Be it Dimitri Payet’s swerving free kick against Crystal Palace or Cocu Martina’s thunder strike against Arsenal, fans were left in disbelief seeing some of the goals this season. On that note, we take a look at the Top 10 goals from Premier League 2015/16 season.

10. Dimitri Payet – West Ham (vs Crystal Palace)

9. Xherdan Shaqiri – Stoke City (vs Everton)

8. Eden Hazard – Chelsea (vs Tottenham)

7. Riyad Mahrez – Leicester City (vs Man City)

6. Christian Benteke – Liverpool (vs Man United)

5. Carles Gil – Aston Villa (vs Sunderland)

4. Cuco Martina – Southampton (vs Arsenal)

3. Matt Ritchie – Bournemouth (vs Sunderland)

2. Jamie Vardy – Leicester City (vs Liverpool)

1. Dele Alli – Tottenham (vs Crystal Palace)

For a long time, I had Jamie Vardy’s goal as the best goal of Premier League 2015/16 season, however, after seeing Dele Alli’s strike time and time again I could not help but to rank it ahead of Vardy’s strike.

The beauty with Alli’s goal was his awareness of players around him and when to take that touch to lift the ball over the defender and then to turn his body to 180 degrees and still be able to take the shot from there was nothing short of brilliant. It had to be the best goal of Premier League 2015/16 season.

These were our picks for the top 10 goals from Premier League 2015/16 season. If you disagree with any of our selection or rankings, do comment your opinion in the comments section below.

Video Credit: Dailymotion