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Three obvious fouls referees need to be strict against

In my last attempt to highlight the indifferent nature of refereeing decision, I wrote about how “handball rule needs simpler justification and some brave refereeing“. Continuing the theme, today I am focusing on three obvious fouls referees need to be strict against.

We often see players get away with certain kind of fouls if it is made inside the penalty box. Refs for their part do not want to make the bold decision of penalizing players and awarding penalty kicks to the attacking teams. But why not? Just because, the foul took place inside the penalty box, it should not be treated any differently.

Players know this escapist tendency of the referees and they take advantage of the same by committing those well worked fouls in order to gain advantage for their teams. It is about time, referees take harder stance against these three specific fouls which take place in almost every match across all leagues in the world.

Handball inside the penalty box

If it is a handball, it needs to be punished, referees should not deliberate whether the hand came intentionally or not, they need to punish any attempts made by the defenders of using their arm.

If its a handball anywhere else on the ground, refs stop the play and even give away yellow card to the offenders. They need to have similar aggression in dealing with hand balls inside the penalty area.

Three obvious fouls referees need to be strict against

Shirt pulling on corners and free kicks

This season, officials have started to punish defenders for pulling their opponent’s shirt while defending a corner or a free kick. However, we still see plenty of instances where players get away doing the same thing.

Refs have the best view of any such incidents as they stand on the edge of penalty box. At times, they need to be more fierce in dealing with such acts and put an end to this silly way of defending.

Stop protecting goal-keepers on set pieces

At times, it feels like goal keepers can get away with anything during a football match. Refs blow the whistle for even the slightest of touches on the keepers. Most of the times, keeper ends up colliding with his own player while going for the ball.

Referees should stop giving extra cover to the keepers, and not blow the whistle everytime a keeper loses the ball in an attempt of punching it away. If the attacking team can take advantage of keeper’s poor judgement, they should be allowed to do that.

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