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Eight amazing things we learned from Sir Alex Ferguson’s new book “Leading”

Sir Alex Ferguson’s new book, ‘Leading’ was released recently and gave his thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from feuds, interests and regret. He revealed some facts and stories that make you reconsider what was written in the media about those, and also revealed his point of view on topics which weren’t discussed publicly earlier.

Below are some topics that Sir Alex has talked about-

  • His absolute dislike for ‘some’ agents – Sir Alex revealed that he always perceived agents as having some ulterior motive but also went on to mention a couple of agents whom he just couldn’t trust since they met. The ones he went on to discuss further about were agents of Carlos Tevez and that of Paul Pogba.
  • His disapproval of ‘a player’ earning twice his salary.
  • Sir Alex clearly states that when David Gill approached him asking his thoughts on Wayne Rooney’s new contract, he stated his discomfort about it. David Gill then went on to say that there wasn’t much that they could do about it.
  • How he worked tirelessly every day of his job. Sir Alex mentions that he would be one of the first to arrive at the ground and would leave late at night. He used to have 7am-9pm shifts almost every day. He was allowed 3 weeks of holiday for every calendar year but wouldn’t even take a week off for most of his career at United.
  • His absolute need to be the ‘Alpha Male’ and why he had to get rid of some players due to it. Sir Alex mentions how his need of being the ‘dictator’ might have actually cost Manchester United a few Titles. He doesn’t mention names as such but players like Beckham, Van Nisterlooy come to ones mind in a flash.
  • His regret on letting some players go and how he did it. Sir Alex recalls how he told Stam about his sale to Lazio at a gas station and how much he regrets doing that. He also recalls that selling his son Darren to Wolves is a mistake that his wife hasn’t forgiven him for, even after all these years.
  • His process of choosing a successor at United. Sir Alex reveals that he considered a host of names for being the ‘boss’ at Manchester United. He wanted Pep to take up the job but couldn’t talk about a concrete offer and Pep went on to sign for Bayern Munich. Sir Alex also mentions Mourinho, Ancelotti and Van Gaal as managers who weren’t available at that time.
  • He still stands by David Moyes and points out only one ‘fault’. Sir Alex mentions about David Moyes only in the last chapter of his book. He says that in hindsight Moyes would have done many things differently during his tenure and that a manager taking over a new job shouldn’t really stamp his ‘manhood’ by changing everything around. Sir Alex points to getting rid of Phelan as his assistant, as one of his primary faults.

Sir Alex’s book is definitely worth a read for all United and football fans alike. He also talks about missing out on Muller, Ronaldo (Brazillian), Van Persie when he was young, flirting with the idea of signing Balotelli among a host of other topics which also includes how Cristiano considered getting married in Scotland when the time arrived. Order your copy and enjoy the legend’s insight into his trophy laden and eventful career.

Image credit: telegraph