The Incredible World of Zlatan Ibrahimović


From Nike to Adidas, Zlatan Ibrahimović earns his money from a lot more than just playing football. Over the course of his career, the player has worked with a number of different companies, either through sponsorship or celebrity endorsement.

In addition to his celebrity status, it helps that Ibrahimović has a personality to match with the superhuman image. He comes across well in the media and people actually like him for more than his football playing ability. He doesn’t beat around the bush and says whatever is on his mind and heart. Early in his career, he was the bookmakers’ favorite both for the first scorer of a game and volatile behavior.

With over 27.8 million followers on Instagram, 13.3 million fans on Facebook and 4.6 million followers on Twitter, he is an extremely useful individual when it comes to marketing products. With such influence on social media, he is very desirable by global brands.

Recently he has signed a lucrative 3-year deal with the sportswear giant Nike. Also, he has his own line of sportswear which he has called ‘A-Z’ and has sponsorship deals with Microsoft’s Xbox and Nivea Men.

Other companies associated with Ibrahimović are his signature cologne, ‘Zlatan Ibrahimović Supreme’ and his own vitamin beverage which he has named ‘Vitamin Well Upgrade.’ He is also one of the ambassadors for the Swedish carmaker Volvo.

A little while ago the player posted a photo of him with a Volvo car, along with a quote. Thanks to his popularity, the post quickly went viral, a fantastic move for both the player and the car company.

On average his total endorsement earnings alone stand at a staggering $7 million every year, with Nike contributing $3 million a year to this!

These numbers are, indeed, staggering but also well-justified, as Ibra is one of the most recognizable footballers over the last two decades. His mesmerizing skills on the pitch, his incendiary comments, and his colossal ego are the closest living embodiment of the marketer’s wet dream that you will ever see.

Check out below more facts about the legendary striker, who is trying to get back to his best after a horrendous injury that nearly ended his illustrious career.

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