Spotted! Three new pending deals


The levels of investigation of some Celtic fans is astonishing as has been discovered in recent times by Craig Whyte, Charles Green and others.

The flimsiest of proof can lead to searches into the darkest corners of Google to dig out information that is generally spot on.

Last Monday when Celtic squad returned for pre-season training, a few strange faces were noticed in the pictures from the training sessions.

Celtic TV presenter Gerry McCulloch confirmed that three trialists at the club but none has been identified.

Last night Tommy McIntyre’s development squad played for the first time this season in a friendly against East Kilbride.

Three trialists were listed on the team sheet but no credible names were found on Twitter with nothing emerging about backgrounds or nationality.

The trialists performed well enough without pulling up any trees, any future deals are more likely to be with the Development/Reserve side in mind.

On the park, Celtic was defeated 2-1 to the Lowland League side with half-time substitute Daniel Church pulling a goal back on the hour mark.