Why it is imperative for Arsenal to keep Arsene Wenger until next season?


North London is divided on whether Arsene Wenger should stay as the Arsenal manager or get the sack this summer. Once again after a bright start to the season, Gunners handed over their advantage and are now fighting for a top 3 finish rather than Premier League title. Despite their recent slide, Arsenal must keep Wenger in the job for at least next season, and we tell you why.

Premier League will be at its most unstable state next season with proposed managerial changes at Chelsea, Manchester City and possibility at Manchester United as well.

Leicester and Tottenham will find it hard to keep hold of their best players after a remarkable 2015/16 season, while Liverpool will be bringing new players and would still be learning their best playing XI and formation under Jurgen Klopp.

Thus dare I say, it makes al the more sense for Arsenal to keep hold of Arsene Wenger for next season and as it may be their best chance to win their first title in over 12 years.

While it may sound like another hoax claims like Arsenal’s title hopes in recent seasons, but given the possible shake-ups in Premier League next season, Arsenal must maintain their continuity in order to break away from the rest.

Having said that, if Wenger stays Arsenal need to back their manager with unlimited funds without mentioning the financial instability or the stadium change taking a toll over the club.

Those are the matters of past now and Arsenal need to come out of their shell and aim at becoming one of the best teams in Europe. It took Wenger 3 seasons to bring Petr Cech, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez and the club, while it should have been done in a single season.

Arsenal board needs to back their manager and for once match their ambitions to the expectation of their fans. It can no longer be about balancing their books and be happy with it.

Next season could be the last for Arsene Wenger at Emirates and both club and the manager have to ensure that it ends with a Premier League title. It would be fitting for Wenger to leave on a positive which he deserves after the commendable job he has done at Arsenal.

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