Scout Report: Why Renato Sanches should be Jose Mourinho’s dream signing?


Portugal and Portuguese clubs have always presented the footballing world a number of footballing talents. Though, less in number, but the product they parcel to Europe’s top flights are always hundred-percent genuine.

From Luis Figo to Cristiano Ronaldo, the players having the MADE IN PORTUGAL stamp have always been loyal to this footballing world, exceeding our expectations over the decades. It should not surprise us much if we see a new Portuguese kid on the block, winning people’s hearts, who goes by the name of Renato Sanches.

Our present spotlight is on an 18-year-old Portuguese prodigy, having a staggering release clause of €80 million, presently serving Portuguese giants, SL Benfica. At such a young age, it seems as if Sanches is a prospect who is tailored to dominate Premier league’s pitch.

What makes Sanches one of the best youth players?

This #85 has represented Portugal in each and every age group until under-19 level. After his impressive debut under Rui Vitoria, this skilful midfielder has become an essential part of Benfica’s starting lineup.

His swift rise underlines the vast range of talent that is suppressed within him, and which will get revealed once he gets a decent coaching system around him. He rarely gets substituted, that expresses the stamina he possesses at his young age.

Talking of his preferred position, central midfield is the place where Renato Sanches gets dissolved entirely, always running for the ball, injecting an extra dose of confidence and stamina in his team-mates, such an enthusiastic player this young lad is.

When the whole team is falling behind, having no wish to attack with the ball, he is the kind of player who fights for the ball and puts an extra dime of effort and finally ends up giving the team an unexpected advantage.

Another positive aspect of his game is his long shots that are always threatening for the rival team. Besides, the long cross he puts into the box are also nerve racking and creates a goal-scoring chance, often converted.

Defensively, it is almost an impossible task to knock him off the ball and is never afraid of tackles and physical challenges, which demarcates his undying passion towards football. The average duo he wins is also impressive.

Opposite side of the same coin

At present, immaturity and exuberance of youth are this midfielder’s negative points. Sometimes, he dribbles the ball when he is expected to shoot, and sometimes shoots the ball when he is expected to pass.

Undeniably, his crosses are well-received by his teammates, but being a midfielder, if he loses the ball in a dangerous area, his teammates will have to pay a huge price.

When he is commanded to play a bit harshly, he puts in bone-breaking tackles that are worthy of a red cards, though, he has escaped this danger several times this season.

Keeping in mind that he is only 18, we can state that time will cure these wounds, and once he gains some precious experience, we can assume him to be a player belonging to Europe’s top flight.

Why Renato Sanches is the ideal Manchester United signing?

Clubs linked with this young prodigy

Manchester United might just be the best suited club for this young and raw talent. Portuguese newspaper, A Bola, reports that Jose Mourinho will throw money in aplenty to lure away this Portuguese talent and is already plotting a €45 million bid.

On the home match against FC Arouca, United spies were watching this kid and were really fascinated by him.

Portuguese wingers Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani were also ripened by United’s coaching staff and it would be interesting to see whether Sanches can be Old Trafford’s next success story.

Besides, Read Madrid are also eyeing on this future star, and Zidane is already plotting a €60 million bid in order to compete with United. 

Why Sanches is best suited for Man United?

Earlier in our little investigation, we highlighted, how he loves to take control of the midfield, make driving runs in to opposition’s penalty area and has the desire to win games on his own.

Frankly speaking, United do not have a single player at present apart from Anthony Martial, who looks capable of doing any of the mentioned things. Sanches can thrive for any club he signs for, but if United want to have better days ahead, this 18-year old kid could be their next superstar, and someone, who can win games for them.

Image credit: getty, Video credit: youtube