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Scout Report on Riechedly Bazoer: Ajax ready with yet another Dutch Sensation?

Scout Report – Riechedly Bazoer
Country – Netherlands
Date of Birth – 12 October 1996 (19 Yrs)
Current Club – Ajax
Position – Central Midfield
Current Transfer Value – €9mill (Credit – TransferMarket)

It is never definite that clubs, only with towering finances will produce young and intriguing players. Scouting and contracting teenagers is somewhat like throwing a dice. It doesn’t matter who is throwing the dice and it’s hard to predict what might come up.

When you have got the task of digging out the country of Netherlands to discover a new and promising talent, I can say, Ajax’s youth academy will provide a great room for this experiment. Over the decades, they have been equipping the footballing religion with numerous devotees, the devotees who finally turn into God themselves. Robin Van Persie, Luis Suarez, and several other big names have been related to this club.

Relocating our spotlight, we discovered a raw talent from the same region on whom you can lay your eyes and the prodigy is none other than Riechedly Bazoer, and below we present our detailed Scout Report on him.

Scout Report – Riechedly Bazoer

Scout report on Riechedly Bazoer - Strength & Weakness

Riechedly Bazoer – A brief history

Born in Utrecht, Netherlands, he spent his early life playing for PSV youth clubs. He joined PSV in 2006, where he was ripening before time. He played for Ajax U-17’s team at the age of 15, and to be believed, his match was nothing different from his seniors. This outrageous maturity was something that his coaches had to hold on.

He was allotted the position of a central defender by his coach, but he wanted to advance a bit and play as a defensive midfielder or a central midfielder. Despite his pleads, the coach stuck to his own decision and gradually, he had to re-address his future, and his next home was Ajax. As arguments broke on between him and his manager, he straightforward refused to sign the contract. One can anticipate why had he made this controversial move.

Manchester City’s youth academy has also been reported to be linked with this youngster, but due to parental pressure, he had to end up staying at Netherlands and convincingly, he is still making his way up and has attracted pundit’s attention from all around the globe.

As he progressed, Ajax had to secure his chance among the big boys and a couple of years ago, back in 2014, he made his debut and since then, he has been one of Ajax’s senior team’s prominent member. Nothing more than heads in hands for PSV.

Riechedly Bazoer – Strength and style

He can play in a vast range of positions. He fits the best as a central midfielder, but can also play as an attacking midfielder or as a defensive midfielder. Besides, we should not forget his birth position, central defender.

Despite playing as a central midfielder, defensive contributions are something for which he is often known for. When he analyses the possibility of a potential counter attack from the rival side, he stays back and defends for his team.

This anticipation, almost out of nowhere, proves that he sees the game in an entirely different way. At the age of 19, the attribute is very rare to be possessed, and Ajax are reaping the rewards from his impeccable understanding of the game.

He has registered two goals and three assists for Frank De Boer’s side till date, which demarcates that he is a diamond who is yet to be dug out. His passing is very decent. He is the kind of player who survives on a passing play. He has accomplished the title of a good passer, just because of his silent movements and well timed runs.

Back heel, one-two-one and compact passing are the aspects that make him a complete and finished passer. His style of play is compared to that of Paul Pogba and Patrick Vieira.

Riechedly Bazoer – Aspects to be worked upon

When you are a midfielder, you have two open options – either be a good passer or a good chance converter. Bazoer has chosen the first option but is too weak in the second. He fails to convert the chances even from inside the penalty box. If any side is searching out for a potential goal getter, he surely isn’t the man to be relied on.

Other than that, he is a complete package and no more cons have been discovered this far.

Riechedly Bazoer – What does the future hold?

Well, just like honey bees move round a sweet flower, Arsenal and Chelsea have been linked with this raw talent and at the age of 19, what else can you aspire for?

It has been reported several times that Arsene Weneger is quite keen to lure away this young prospect. Next season, when Jose Mourinho will ascend to United’s throne, we can expect him to show slight interest on this boy. Besides, we can expect Manchester City, this time the senior team, to step up for this boy.

On the other hand, he has also secured a chance to play for the Dutch national side, after his successful U-21 career. The day, when he will be having his own cabinet full of prestigious trophies and medals, is not too far away. He can lead his club as well as his country towards the path of glory.

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