Scout Report on Keita Balde Diao: Another Spaniard destined for success?


Scouting vernal footballers from each and every corner of the world and putting them on the wish list is not an undemanding task. Time, vision and experience are needed in abundance to rate a teenager.

When a human’s eye glances at a prospect, whether it be a pro or an amateur, there will always be differing opinions. Like artists, if all scouts were the same then every team would have a similar way of scouring talents, and it would get monotonous.

Furthermore, when prizewinning clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United are behind you, the scouting time needs to be shortened to a far extent.

As far as history is consulted, Spain has never shown any unwillingness in the matter of contributing footballing talents to the world. Not only players, but they have also enhanced the level of this game to an unimaginable extent.

Spain has been the home to many world-class modern players like Andreas Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Cesc Fabregas and David Silva. Moreover, one of the world’s best player, Lionel Messi has been a Spanish club’s genuine product.

If I start with all the names, it will be a never ending list.

After so much of debate, let us put our spotlight on a 20-year-old Spanish left-winger, Keita Balde Diao, currently playing for Italian club, Lazio. This natural endowment is blooming day-by-day, and has already earned much name and fame as Lazio left-wing.

Keita Balde Diao – A brief history

Surprisingly, he is one of Barcelona’s youth products, who was loaned out several times, but instead of playing as a Catalan, he chose to stay in Italy. The following season, he scored 47 goals in all competitions which finally opened up several top-class interests from all around the globe.

He has been a subject of interest by English giants like Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool, whereas his switch to Real Madrid ended up as a mere speculation. Can he be Spain’s next success story? Or is it just a stroke of madness?

Scout Report – Keita Balde Diao

Keita Balde Diao – Style of play and strengths

The first and foremost asset he possesses is his lightning and thrilling pace. He can play in either of the wings and besides, can be a striker or a supporting striker. While moving up via the flanks, the way he utilizes his quick feet, skipping away all the defenders, is appraisable.

He is the kind of player who tries to learn something new whenever he gets on the pitch, sometimes dribbling and sometimes jaw-dropping skills.

Another astonishing trait he has, is that he can get past the defenders with ease without putting much hard efforts. The way the ball sticks to his feet, whether he sprints, walks or dribbles is worth all the plaudits.

Most players of his age think twice before doing anything spectacular, but he puts them straight forward, whether it be tackles, swinging balls or taking shots on goal. All these positive aspects are enough to fascinate any great manager. He is the kind of furious player who has no replacement.

Scout Report on Keita Balde Diao
                                       Out to silence his critics

Keita Balde Diao – Weaknesses to be worked upon

Having stated that he is only 20, he is progressing much faster than he should have been at this age, despite of a short career.

Picking up on few negative points, I can say that he is a player who likes it rough and hard, due to which he often picks up long-term suspensions and injuries. Even this season, a drastic hamstring injury ruled him out for a long period.

At present, he is serving a 3-match ban after making a harsh tackle on his opponent in his last match.

Another aspect of his game that needs to be improved vastly is his ability to put in crosses. It has been often noticed that he rushes with his passes, and ultimately, his team-mates lose the possession.

Furthermore, this player needs to support his team not only attackingly, but also defensively and he is not at all good at this. In a nutshell, he needs to work on his work rate.

All these aspects are of utmost important to such a young player and hopefully, he will polish his negativities to head himself into the right direction in the future.

What does the future hold for Keita Balde Diao?

Premier league giants, Arsenal and Liverpool have been trying hard to close in on this raw talent, however, nothing has been declared officially thus far. Though, the vast range of talent he possesses is enough to impress both, Wenger and Klopp.

A few years ago, Real Madrid and Manchester United were also tracking this youngster, but nothing was taken seriously.

The question is – How long will Lazio outfit be able hold on this glistering future?

With the crazy money coming to Premier League next season, do not be surprised if you see Balde Duao play for a mid-table English team. It could be the means to impress the big guns (United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, City & Spurs) and force a big-money money move for him in coming season.

Image credit: getty, Video credit: Youtube (World of Football HD)