Scout Report on Gabriel Barbosa: The next Neymar?


The summer transfer window is just a few months away, and as always transfer talk has its finger on the pulse when it comes to all the latest rumors and gossips.

From Pele to Neymar, it can be undeniably stated that Brazil has equipped the world with some of the world’s greatest and finest talents, including football graduates like Ronaldinho, Robinho, Roberto Carlos and many more.

Thereby, it should not be much of a surprise if Brazil gifts the footballing world a few more stars in the coming years. In our latest section of scout report, we put another upcoming Brazilian sensation Gabriel Barbosa under the scanner.

Who is Gabriel Barbosa?

Santos FC is a home to young prospects and potential future stars, and when a player joins this club at the age of 8, it can be presumed that a glistering future is awaiting for him. The contract Barbosa signed clearly demarcated what a variety of skills and thrills the kid possessed, underlining his importance to the modern footballing world.

Barbosa made his debut at the age of 16, the wonder-kid is being already touted as the next ‘Neymar’, though they are hardly alike, and according to reports, has been already penned down as Luis Suarez’s successor at Camp Nou.

According to the stats, this young prodigy has already scored more than 600 goals at youth level for Santos and has scored 46 goals in 128 appearances for the Brazilian giants till date. Last season, he was Copa do Brazil’s joint top scorer, and the coaches believe he is ripening day-by-day.

Moreover, the nation is demanding that he should replace Fred at the international level of soccer.

What makes him one of the best youth players?

The 19-year-old’s first playing option is up front, as the main striker and is the best utilized there, though he can also play in either of the wings, as a wide forward, and if he gets a supporting striker, he will be an absolutely goal-scoring machine.

The first and foremost eye-catching ability he has is that he is god-gifted, technically and physically inch-perfect, just the kind of beast any manager would idea to have in his team. However, the jaw-dropping ability he possesses is the art of finishing and scoring goals, and can hit the target more often than not.

He is a decent finisher and his nickname ‘Gabigol’ justifies it all. Besides, he can get past the defenders much easily, and it all defines that he is one of the best future strikers. His ability of passing is at par.

Another attribute that defines him as a real star material is his high-work rate. He can run throughout the ninety minutes, and besides netting goals, he can also create goal scoring chances for his teammates.

Besides, he can move like a fluid throughout the field. His well-timed runs help him to maintain the dominance over the opposition, generating a bit of pressure.

Defensively, he is a player who is hard to be knocked off the ball and who prefers going head-to-head with the defenders, with aggression and agility at its peak. His defensive contributions are also worth the praise. Being a striker, the defensive assets he posses, are quite rare to be dug out.

Opposite side of the same coin

After all, he is only 19-years-old and is a mile away from a well-carved player. He can be termed as a star under making, and definitely it will take a bit of time to entirely polish his thundering abilities.

Being such a raw talent, he suffers from the lack of consistency and experience, which is a gradual and fair process.

It is pretty much certain that he is bound to move up to one of Europe’s top 5 leagues, but, if he moves to the premier league at such a young age, injuries and lack of match fitness might ruin his bright future.

Another aspect where he needs vast enrichment is the ability of heading, where he lacks a bit. If all these aspects of his game are polished, then he can easily blossom into a 15-20 goal a season striker.

Any club securing this teenager’s signature will assure one of the world’s greatest future players.

Scout Report on Gabriel Barbosa: The next NeymarClubs linked with this young prodigy

Perhaps, one of the biggest names to be linked up with this Brazilian teenager is the Premier League giants, Chelsea, who have had a miserable season so far. Diego Costa is performing impressively, but it’s too late, while Pato and Falcao are not yet ready to start their life at premier league.

Moreover, they are players’ on-loan and will return to their respective clubs next season. So, they are having a strict need to sign a new player who can pair up with Costa, and Barbosa can just be their dream man.

Barcelona is yet another giant to be liked with this Brazilian prospect, and is being rumored to succeed the front-line players at Camp Nou.

Can Barbosa adapt to Premier League Football?

Premier League has been a hit and miss kind of a league for Brazilian players. While there is Philippe Coutinho leading the march for Brazil’s talents in England, we have seen big-name Brazilians failing in Premier League, none more than Robinho.

At present, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool need a player of Barbosa’s abilities and given the summer transfer window approaching, we could see a bidding war among Premier League giants for his signature.

He is not at all guaranteed to sign for Barcelona, thus giving the likes of Chelsea, United and Arsenal enough time to negotiate a deal for him and bring this beast of an attacker to Premier League.

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