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Scout Report on Domenico Berardi: Who is this intriguing Manchester United target?

Scout Report: Domenic Berardi
Country: Italy

Date of Birth: Aug 1, 1994 (21 Yrs)
Current Club: Sassuolo
Position: Right Wing / Forward
Current Transfer Value: €17.5m (Credit – TransferMarket)

Serie A is not the most favorable place to spot a sensational up and coming footballer, however, things could change with Domenico Berardi emerging on the scene. The 21-year old attacker is making a huge name for himself with some eye-catchy performances for the newly promoted Serie A side Sassuolo.

So much so, he has been linked with a €23.5million move to Manchester United next summer. Having read constant rumours of him moving to Old Trafford, it intrigued our team to look in to this talented Italian and present our Scout Report on this Italian Protege.

Domenico Berardi – A brief history

Born on August 1, 1994, in Cariati, Italy, he started his career with U.S. Sassuolo Calcio, a second division Serie A team. Cariati is a small town, quite far from Sassuolo and being only a youth team player, it was a toiling work for him to attend practice sessions regularly. Nothing, but his undying passion kept him close to this game.

After four years of his start, in the 2011/12 season, he was contracted by Sassuolo senior club as ‘a future 1st team player’. His did not made much appearances in that season, but his short-time performances impressed his coach highly.

The following 2012/13 season, Sassuolo confirmed his place in the starting line-up, and his tremendous wish of putting up decent performances outshone his rivals, in fact his team’s senior mates.

By this time, several coaches scouted him and gradually, Italian giants, Juventus lured away this player for a mere transfer fee of €4.5 million in the 2013/14 season. But, for some finishing touches, he was loaned back to Sassuolo in the same season where he bagged 16 goals in 29 appearances.

Scout Report on Domenico Berardi

Scout Report on Domenico Berardi:After serving the Black Ships in the 2014/15 season, he was sold back to Sassuolo for a transfer fee of €10 million, and since then, Manchester United have been trying to bring him to Old Trafford.

Talking of his remarkable achievements, he won the Gran Gala del Calcio AIC (Best player of Serie B) in 2013. The following season, in 2014, his performances secured him the honour of Serie A Young Footballer of the Year.

In the 2014/15 season, after netting 10 assists, he also won the Serie A Top Assist Provider’s title and finally in 2015, he won the Bravo Award. He has also represented Italy in the U-21 side as a forward and is on the verge of securing his chance as a national senior team player.

Domenico Berardi – Style and strengths

At present, he is one of Europe’s standout prospect and has plenty to offer, both his club and country. Talking of his preferred position, he can play as a left wing, right wing and central attacking midfielder, but fits the best as a right wing, taking the ball up like a fierce storm.

He is an all-rounder and has achieved positive marking on each and every aspect of his game. Being a midfielder, he likes to score goals of different categories. Sometimes, via link-up play, sometimes, from inside the box, sometimes set pieces and sometimes long range efforts.

His silent movement into the key areas, off-the ball decisions and anticipation is all that makes him an extraordinary talent. Furthermore, he has specialised in finishing and can place the balls correctly into the goal.

For a player, who fulfils the position of either flank, it is of the utmost importance to have pace, art of dribbling and crossing/passing and it is really remarkable that he is pretty good in all of these. He has ticked all the boxes and has the potential of being the complete forward. Consistency and quality, is something that he can maintain without much effort.

Berardi is not only his club’s hope, but also his country’s hope.

Domenico Berardi – Weaknesses to be worked upon

As I have said earlier, he has achieved master degree in most of his subjects but is still lagging an inch.

Talking of his negativities, he is still learning to master the tactical side of game. He always tries to do something on his own, which is good, but in the big matches, where tactics is the one and only pillar, he fails to proceed according to the instructions, which often harms his team.

With plenty of time still left on his side, we can state that he will evolve into something more grand. A day might come when we will say ‘Look, this guy is playing like Domenico Berardi.’

Domenico Berardi – What does the future hold?

Rumours are flying that Manchester United has plotted a €23.5 million deal in order to lure away this prospect after Jose Mourinho’s arrival. If these plans get shuffled anyhow, he will have to continue with his performance in Italy so that he can look out for something better.

However, with so much of talent, we cannot deny that a day will come when European clubs will be chasing him for his signature, when he will cost much more than €23.5 million.

Image Credit: Getty, Video Credit: Youtube