Sam Allardyce’s Upton Park return will not be pretty, but will he have the last laugh?


In recent history of Premier League, no manager has received more stick from his own fans than Sam Allardyce did during his time with West Ham. Big Sam’s methods came under massive scrutiny as the fans did not approve of his more direct method of football.

Months after getting the sack from Upton Park, Allardyce takes his Sunderland side to his former stamping ground. It is not hard to guess that he will be slaughtered by the fans with some stupid banners and harsh comments, but I wonder who will have the last laugh this weekend? West Ham Fans or the Big Sam?

Ahead of the weekend kick-off, Allardyce has been taking swipes at the Minority of the fan base who made themselves very loud and ended up becoming the reason for his sacking. Allardyce has also admitted that, prior to taking the West Ham job, he knew the fans would be harsh, but even he had not predicted the eventual outcome.

Allardyce was hated by West Ham fans

Sam Allardyce's Upton Park return will not be pretty
                     Allardyce received massive stick from his own fans

Speaking with telegraph, Big Sam explained: “I think I was appreciated by the majority of fans, It was a small minority who made themselves very loud and very clear about how they felt about me at the time. That wasn’t just me, it was all the managers who have been at West Ham.

“Appreciation from the fans is always very important. Nobody wants to be booed or be told to get out or get off, but it happened. It happened at Newcastle, too.

“I don’t suppose, if you spoke to Harry Redknapp or Alan Pardew or Alan Curbishley, that they would admit that, because they are West Ham boys, but I’m not and they’ve said it to me privately.”

Allardyce returns to Upton Park

In a way, Allardyce was harshly treated buy the Hammers fans as he joined the side back in 2011, guided them from Championship to Premier League and successfully saw them move to Olympic Stadium.

The manner in which it ended for Allardyce was not beautiful, and he would not have forgotten that when he takes his Sunderland team to Upton Park this weekend. To his credit, Big Sam has seen Sunderland play in his dogged style and are now getting the desired result.

West Ham vs Sunderland will be a tough game for Allardyce to manage, as he would want result for his current side Sunderland, but he would also want retribution for all the troubled time he has while in charge of the Hammers.

At present, Slaven Bilic has got West Ham play some brilliant football, which has further highlighted the miserable time fans had to suffer because of Allardyce’s direct playing style. While home fans would want to see Sunderland get battered, I have a funny feeling of a Allardyce win virtue of a lumping header from a long-ball.

It would be a fairy tale ending to the trauma Big Sam had to go through since getting involved with the West Ham project. While the 61-year old refrains from showing too much emotion on the pitch, we would not put it beyond him to celebrate if he wins this weekend against his former but not so friendly fans. Predicted Scoreline – West Ham 1 Sunderland 2.

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