Manchester United idol insulted by former Chelsea legend

Former Chelsea star Ashley Cole went in to fine details while describing Manchester United legend Roy Keane. So much so, Cole ended up calling Keane a TRAMP (A Person with sound of heavy steps).

Perhaps Cole was trying to get back at Keane for busting him wide open in his last game against the Irishman. Cole confirmed that, he was left with six stitches after one of this famous tackles from Keane.

Keane called tramp by Ashley Cole

Cole was on the A League of their Own quiz show where he called Keane a tramp. He described how he used to dish out verbal jibes to all the United players knowing he will be saved by the likes of Sol Campbell and Patrick Vieira.

Keane’s fights with Arsenal players are not a mystery to anyone. Former United skipper thrived on playing against Arsenal, and despite Cole’s limited experience of facing him, former Chelsea full-back knew enough to comment on Keane as a tough player.

Quiz Show’s host James Gordon pressed Cole to confine exactly what he felt of Keane following that horror tackle. Cole’s reply was: “Everything… a tramp.”

In the past, we have seen Keane making no mistake in returning the favors when it comes to verbal jibes. Will we see another of Keane’s famous backlashes? Only time will tell.

Image credit: getty