PSG vs Manchester City – Who will come out on top in Europe’s biggest Cash-driven Projects?


Manchester City take on PSG at Parc des Princes later tonight which is being built up as the Abu Dhabi vs. Qatar clash as both PSG and City are currently funded by the ambitious wealth from the Gulf.

Prior to the match PSG manager Laurent Blanc shared his joy of avoiding the heavyweights of European Fotball (Bayern, Barca & Real) but expressed his desire to lead PSG towards being one of the ogres of modern football.

Similarity between the two projects at Paris and Manchester are very striking. Both PSG and Man City have managed to win league titles since their big-money takeovers. While PSG have enjoyed better success in Europe, Manchester City have seen financial growth by virtue of Premier League and the insane money involved in English football.

PSG will make £24million from their domestic TV rights while back in England team finishing last will bank at least £100million. That goes to show the different scenarios PSG and City have faced while on their mission to be among Europe’s best.

Both teams have multi-million squads filled with supremely talented players which other sides dream of having in their lineup. In Laurent Blanc, PSG have a very respected manager while Manchester City are set to welcome Pep Guardiola to The Etihad next season.

Since the takeover, both teams have enjoyed more success than failures but still it is the Champions League trophy that will take them closer to the promise land.

Whenever there is a big-money overhaul at a club, owners are possessed with winning the Champions League trophy. We have seen the same with Roman Abramovich’s project at Chelsea which took him almost 8 years to accomplish that dream.

It is hard to say who will win the Champions League title first between PSG and City, however, one thing looks certain that it may not happen this season. Both teams still lack in terms of overall quality and balance to their squads which is needed to win a European Cup.

Having said that all the big players of European Football will be glued to the game tonight at Parc des Prices as it may present the picture of immediate future where PSG and Manchester City are aiming to seal a spot among the top and the best teams in Europe.