Trending Video: Premier League unveil their new logo for 2016/17 season


Premier League will feel a bit different from next season after a new logo for the 2016/17 season was unveiled moments earlier.

Premier League released a video revealing the new logo for next season, which came as a surprise to everyone.

Premier League new logo unveiled

Premier League unveil their new logo for 2016/17 season

When the news came around last month of a new logo, it was thought that the iconic lion would be chopped off in favor of something else.

However, Lion managed to stay put, but I must say, it has gone a bit fancier, don’t you think so? Take a look for yourself as Premier League unveiled their new logo for the 2016/17 season:

Ever since Premier League’s inception, The Lion has been a part of the logo symbolizing a strong bond between The FA and England’s national anthem.

However, Premier League boards thought of it as an outdated idea and were keen to re-invent their image among fans and customers.

As it turns out, the Lion has been modernized to an extent and add to that, Premier League will be without a key sponsor for the first time since 1993.

Their contract with Barclays will come to an end at the start of next season and League authorities have decided not to renew it and stick with Premier League as the brand name instead of Barclays Premier League.

Image credit: getty, Video credit: Premier League