How premier league elites missed out on Charlie Austin?


Charlie Austin – the player who has been combating to reserve his place in the premier league over the years and finally, he has done it. Ronald Koeman has lured away this center-forward to St. Mary’s Stadium, silently.

This much-in-demand striker was shortlisted by 14-top-flight suitors including Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, but could never manage a move. Throughout the 2014/15 season, he scored 18 goals, quite impressive, but his £4m move to Southampton was exclusively unanticipated.

What is impressive in his game?

Charlie Austin is a striker and the ability he needs to have in abundance is scoring goals, and he has a fine reputation for hitting the target more often than not. He has got a thundering ability to analyze the game and can be at the right place at the right time.

His game in the air cannot be criticized at all, and his passing is OK and can put nerve racking crosses into the box. Austin is a striker who squeezes the goal-scoring opportunities, and who does not allow misses to stop him seizing on the next chance – reflecting the arc of his career.

When he gets the space to run behind the defense with the ball, he can cause havoc. His hold-up play is average. His style of play includes long passes and shooting from distance. His defensive contributions are also remarkable.

Austin will wear #28 Jersey for Southampton

premier league elites missed out on Charlie Austin

If he gets a good coaching staff around him, he can surely blossom into a 15-20 goal a season striker. He can surely be a gigantic addition to any side.

Weaknesses never really hampered this boy. Though, he needs to sharpen his left foot and passing with a little boost to his pace. Hopefully, he reaches his potential and reserves his position among the Saints.

How Van Gaal, Hiddink, Pochettino and Klopp have missed out the final piece of the jigsaw?

If focused on the present scenario, LVG needs a potential goal-getter, who can score goals in aplenty without any hesitation. The way they exposed opponent’s defensive frailties throughout the first half of the season, was disconcerting.

With hapless players like Rooney and Depay out at front, the question arises who will uplift the team? No doubt, this 26-year-old could have been a prodigious addition, but the Dutchman never took him resolutely.

The Blues are going through the toughest times presently, having formless strikers like Costa and Falcao to lead the line. They too need a man to convert the goal-scoring chances, who can end up the crisis. Again, Austin could have been a mesmerizing addition but Hiddink overlooked him. Austin’s tactical play and positioning are always up to the mark.

Spurs are having their talisman, namely Harry Kane, who is doing the work for his club quite well, proving that he is not a one season wonder. But, what if he gets injured, is there anybody to succeed him? That’s the problem. They are lacking a substitute striker and in such circumstances, Austin could have added much to the English side.

With Daniel Sturridge out, always out, and Benteke performing like a crap, the Reds need a major expansion to their attack. If the playmakers are often out, then it sets the whole team back, creating countless mishaps for the players and the manager. Austin was a nominee, but the Saints swept away this chance for a mere £4m deal.

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