Ooh to be a Gooner, things you must cope with


Supporting a football club comes with a lot of passion and emotions. To now support Arsenal means those qualities have to be at a tipping point.

Ooh to be a Gooner, free flowing football has to be in your DNA. The club has built a reputation of attacking sides that dominate possession and hold the ball in the opposition half.

To be a Gooner means you also have to believe in a long term target not just what the season brings alone. This has been shown by the way the boards have kept faith with Arsene Wenger for 21 years and counting despite having just three league titles.

To be a gooner, Champions league qualification means a lot to everyone. From the fans to the players down to the coach and up to the board members. Sponsorship also depends on this key tournament. That is why it’s always seen by the catch as an achievement every season and this season’s that we didn’t qualify; a lot is being done to return to the competition next season.

Having youngsters coming from the youth system is one you must like to be a Gooner. This is one of the things that make Arsenal what it is today.

Churning out quality and talented players from the academy is one you must love if you want to be a Gooner for life. The players have also developed into international superstar. The likes of Bellerin and Wilshere with their ankle brace for soccer are just few of the players that came through the ranks and are in the senior team presently, you have to also cope with free bet uk for the best odds this season.

Ooh to be a Gooner, you have to suffer lot of abuse from fans of other clubs for your club not showing enough ambition winning the league title in 13 years or for not having a European final to show. Ooh to be a Gooner, you can also reply them that you are the only team in England to do the “Invincible” and go on a run of 49 games without a defeat.

Please don’t forget to know that it was Manchester United that ended that run at Old Trafford if you are to be a Gooner true and true.

Ooh to be a gunner, how is it possible to forget our greatest and one of the best to ever play in the league? The assistant coach of Belgium, Thierry Henry is a phenomenal to behold. No wonder he has a statue at the Emirates. Ooh to be a Gooner, the red and white banner and jersey should always be what you wear on match day.