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Neymar will join Manchester United next season – Guillem Balague

Spanish Football expert Guillem Balague, who was spot on in the Sergio Ramos to Manchester United transfer saga is convinced that Neymar is seriously considering a move to Manchester United and the real reason behind it is Lionel Messi. According to Balague, Neymar has made up his mind that until Messi stays at Barcelona, the Brazilian will never be world’s best player.

Speaking with talksport, Balague also confirmed United’s £139million bid for Neymar, which was immediately turned down by the Catalan side. However, Balague refused to rule out Neymar’s move to Manchester United next summer. According to Balague, Neymar has already considered about a switch to Old Trafford next summer and he fancies it.

Balague said“Neymar feels if he stays there [Barcelona] he won’t be the number one in the world. He has placed himself in the equation [a move to Manchester United] for the last few months. Neymar is actually thinking ‘what can I do next?’ because Messi is 28 and he’ll be there for a few more years so Neymar will not be allowed to grow.”

Balague also discussed the real reason behind Barcelona’s position where the club cannot afford to hand new and improved contracts to both their stars Messi and Neymar. It is increasingly possible that one of them would leave with Neymar being obvious choice since Messi has stayed at the club all his life and has a certain degree of obligation finish his career at Camp Nou.

Why Neymar would want a move to Manchester United?

Neymar is just 23-years old right now and has won everything in Spanish Football including the coveted Champions League. He is at the peak of his powers, however, he knows that to be called one of the best ever, conquering Premier League is necessary. He has been a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo all his life and having seen him thrive at Manchester United, he carries the same dream.

Manchester United’s rich history and the exciting project appeals to him and he wants to make his mark as one of the greatest ever by succeeding in Premier League as well. Having heard the Ramos rumours last summer, I genuinely believe, there is more merit to Neymar coming to Old Trafford than there was ever in Ramos’s transfer last summer. Will it happen? When will it happen? For that, we will have to wait and see the saga unfold in next few months.

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  1. It is going to be good and great if neymer can join manchester united(old trafford)..:e may be a star in england league

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