New SFA boss encouraged to build bridges with clubs


Celtic chief Peter Lawwell has advised whoever is taking the SFA job to try and work on the body’s relationship with clubs in the Scottish league. Lawwell admits that there have not been the best of relationship the clubs could have wished for.

Stewart Regan left his job last week at the SFA and a substantive replacement has not been announced yet by the Scottish football body.

In an interview with BBC Scotland, Lawwell said that the governing bodies have a discussion with clubs in the country on how the organisation should work. The Parkhead chief believes the relationship with clubs has been bad and has to improve especially with his club, Celtic.

He told BBC Scotland via Daily Record: “What we need is somebody that will bring Scottish football together. They need to get more control. They need to be delegated the authority to do that but they also need to be guided by the good people that are on the board there – the non-execs and the club reps”

He further talked about how the bigger clubs have to be involved in how things goes at the organisation as it affects lot of their players.

“I’m sure there’s a lot of experience there, there’s a lot of ability there and whoever comes in will need that support to take the association forward. Clearly, we’re a big club in Scotland and the SFA or whoever’s around there, it would be wise for them to have the opinion not just of Celtic but other big clubs within Scotland in terms of where the direction is.”

Part of Lawwell complaints were seen when the Scottish body announced the national team friendlies with Peru and Mexico which the Hoops chief claimed was only known to them after they have read about it in the news.

This is a bad precedent whoever takes charge should not follow. This is why the 58 year old claimed this is the worst the club has had with the body.

With Celtic voicing their opinion, it won’t be long before we see other clubs coming out to do same. If the club’s and the SFA can work together, it could aid both sides in improving their performance in European competition both for the national team and the club’s sides.

Celtic will be in action in the Europa league play off in July and the fixed friendlies will affect the club, so this is one of the reasons working relationship have to improve between both parties.