Mourinho confident; Despite Injury blow, fans will like this


Manchester united coach Jose Mourinho is very confident in himself and his also know what to expect from the Premier League rivals Liverpool in their Saturday clash and claim he has a good control of the situation.
The Red Devils are reportedly set to get their first major test in the Premier League as they will visit the Merseysiders at Anfield, who currently sit at the seventh position in the league. In spite of the rivalry between both clubs, the former Chelsea manager as reported by Goal, he is “not in for a shock” when the two English clubs battle for three points in the Premier League put down to his insight of Liverpool players and their skills.
Mourinho said: “I just know the quality of their players and the qualities of their team,”
“Obviously the quality of their team has a relation with the quality of their manager.
“I’ve known that since last season, I know that better now because in the last couple of weeks I tried to analyse them and to study them in a more precise way. I know what they are.”
Saturday clash will be a big moment for Manchester United as they face their first big test, Mourinho claims he wants his team to see every match as a big match in the Premier League following their 2-2 draw with Stoke City
“If a big game is only when you play Manchester City, or Liverpool, or Chelsea, then you have six big games a season,” the 54-year-old said.
“The mentality I want with my players is that every match is a big match.
“When you are a big club you want to win titles, you want to win a competition like the Premier League and every match is the same, every point is the same, unless you go into a stage in the season where two or three clubs are fighting for a certain objective.
“Then you can consider, depending on your advantage or disadvantage, you can consider that that result is a result.
“Every match is important, every point is important.”
Meanwhile, the Red Devils receive a massive boost as Liverpool’s key player Sadio mane is out on injury, as he has been sidelined for six weeks. U nited also receive a injury blow of their own as Fellaini suffered a medical collateral ligament injury while also on international duty, Unfortunately for Merseysiders Romelu Lukaku came back to Old Trafford without a mark.