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Mathieu Flamini to take over a Premier League club after founding a company worth £20billion

That’s right you have heard me correctly, Arsenal midfield star Mathieu Flamini has con-founded a company named ‘GF Biochemicals’, who apparently is set to revolutionize the energy industry. What is more surprising about this venture is that, Flamini has been operating this company for last 7 years and has not told anyone including his family, parents, friends and the teammates, until Saturday.

On Saturday, he came to an understanding that he is all set to kick-start this company for good and open up a new market segment which experts are projecting to be worth a massive £20Billion. How this company works is really interesting, according to the study GF Biochemicals is all set to come up with a form of energy which will be fully capable replace petrol and soon all forms of oil.

Turns out, Flamini is not only a bundle of energy on the pitch, but off it as well. The French midfielder has been researching on this ever since he left Arsenal for the first time in 2008. Back then, he and one of his college graduate friends and now business partner Pasquale Granata  started this venture and are now convinced of starting their operation very soon. Flamini’s company will be the first one to mass produce Levulinic Acid (LA), which will eventually replace oil in all its forms.

Ever since the big news, Flamini has been linked to take over one of the Premier League clubs and twittersphere is filling up with Arsenal supporters requesting their midfield star to take charge of their beloved club. That may come at a later stage, but for now, Flamini is all set to change the world with this unique and exceptional venture. Flamini spoke to the media for the first time last night where he explained the model and its benefits.

Flamini said: “I was always close to nature and concerned about environmental issues, climate change and global warming. He was on the same wavelength. We were looking how we could make a contribution to the problem. After a while we found out about Levulinic Acid, It’s a molecule identified by the US Department of Energy as one of the 12 molecules with the potential to replace petrol in all its forms.”

GF Biochemicals currently operates out of Italy and Holland but are soon to make their presence felt in Unites States as well. Flamini’s company is worth close to £20Billion and since they are the market leaders and rather market creator, GF Biochemicals will grow at an unprecedented volume over the coming years.

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  1. Why take a story as beautiful as that of Flamini’s secret biochemical company owner and lace it up with blatant lies about him taking over Arsenal. Shasha you are a disgrace man. You have been scooped hence you fabricate false angles to the story to make your article relevant. Shame on you

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