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Just when you had forgotten about this SUPERSTAR from Dortmund, he does this!

Marco Reus cannot be left out of the headlines for long! After a host of elite teams being linked with him last season, it seemed evident that he was to join one of the European superpowers before he finally signed an extension with Borussia Dortmund itself.

His boyish looks and impeccable hairstyle are such that you just cannot dislike him no matter which club or country you support. Oh and did i mention his sheer footballing class and suave skills!?

In Juventus’ first pre-season match, Dortmund seem to have reminded them that they aren’t yesteryear’s team and may well be a force to reckon with.

And Reus seems to have reminded one and all that even though he has committed his future to BVB, he is not to be sidelined from the headlines and has scored a brilliant solo goal after collecting the ball at the edge of his own penalty box and pulling of an outrageous nutmeg at the edge of his opposition’s penalty area!

And yes while doing all of that he managed to run at least 60 yards as well.

Take a look for youself:

Video Credit: Youtube

Image Credit: getty