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Manchester United vs Midtjylland – Five things to expect from the game at Old Trafford

Manchester United’s pride will be at stake tonight when they go out on the pitch to overturn the 2-1 first leg deficit against FC Midtjylland. Last week’s results had left everyone connected with the club in a state of shock. So what can we expect from the game tonight? Improvement or further setback, we take a look.

United Players will be up for this game

If we were to describe it in Louis Van Gaal’s words, then it can be said that United players will be horny for this game.

Defeat against Midtjylland last week was a real kick to their teeth, and a club of United’s stature cannot suffer another body blow.
Players will give their all to save themselves from an embarrassing result tonight.

Manchester United vs Midtjylland – What to expect

Manchester United vs Midtjylland - Five things to expect

Midtjylland’s approach to the game

Danish side are well aware of the fact that, they have a real chance to knock United of the Europa League, and that too at Old Trafford. They have the lead and seeing how they outplayed United in the first tie, winning tonight will not be beyond them.

That is where, it will be interesting to see how Midtjylland play tonight. Will they protect what they have got, or will they go for the win?

Freedom to express given to the players

Louis Van Gaal’s HORNY comments drew all the bad media attention to it, but perhaps one major point which went missing in translation was the fact that United manager came out crying for Sexy Football for the very first time.

In a way, he has perhaps realized that the only way he can remain in the job is to see his team win games and score plenty of goals. It might prompt the Dutchman to allow his players the necessary freedom to express themselves on the pitch and play without any shackles.

Will Mata shine playing at Number 10?

Juan Mata’s impact as the number 10

For weeks, United fans were crying out loud for Mata to be given a chance to play in the number 10 role. Now that, he is playing in his favorite position, nothing has worked for the Spaniard. He did manage to score from the free kick against Shrewsbury, but his impact on the game has been very minimal.

Tonight will be another game for him to come good, and to be fair, United need him to play well and find Anthony Martial’s forward runs.

Joe Riley – Watch out for his pace

At Carrington, they claim that they have found a real gem in this talented left-back. He has the pace to burn, and has an impeccable tactical understanding of the game. He will most likely be given his first start following United’s horrific injury run at the moment. He will be one player to look out for tonight when United play Midtjylland at Old Trafford.

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