Gary Neville’s failure should be a lesson for Manchester United board, especially Sir Alex Ferguson


If a great player of his time decides to try his hand in to management, it does not guarantee him immediate success. The latest victim of this unfortunate reality is former Manchester United defender Gary Neville.

Gary was sacked after just 4 months in charge of the La Liga club Valencia. More than Gary, it should be an eye opener for Manchester United board, who have made an absolute mockery of their club in recent times. The Red Devils have been linked with Jose Mourinho every single day for last 4 months, however, no one from the club has come forward to either accept or deny those claims.

Every now and then, people with influence like Ed Woodward, Sir Alex Ferguson, Bryan Robson and others have come out in support of Louis Van Gaal and Ryan Giggs to carry United forward, but where? Straight to the same GUTTER Gary Neville guided Valencia to?

Latest to join the Van Gaal bandwagon was Sir Alex Ferguson himself, where he almost demanded all the United fans to TRUST LOUIS VAN GAAL.

While one understands the sympathy Sir Alex may have towards Van Gaal, but his comments had no factual base and certainly no convincing power. We have seen United become a laughing stock under Van Gaal, be it because of his playing style or tactics before and during the games.

Manchester United must learn from Gary Neville's failure
Sir Alex Ferguson’s vote of confidence towards Van Gaal was questionable

Van Gaal is virtually on a retirement plan who is least bothered about the club. If he is allowed to rundown his contract, he will go away forever in 2017 regardless of where the club stands. He will not stick by Manchester United and look to lift them up.

I failed to understand why Sir Alex Ferguson would encourage fans to believe in a hoax.

Timing of Ferguson’s comments coincided with the very day when Jose Mourinho had allegedly grown frustrated with the delay from United’s end in confirming him if he is indeed going to be the next Manchester United manager.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s vote of confidence was another way to ensure Van Gaal stays at the club next season and then Ryan Giggs takes over from the Dutchman. United’s blind trust in their former legend is a very passive approach from a club of their magnitude.

One understands the romance and love Giggs would bring to Manchester United, but will it be enough for The Red Devils to win matches? Will it be enough to attract top players at Old Trafford? Will it bring league titles back at Old Trafford?

You can go ahead and create these polls and the result will be a unanimous NO.

Trusting Giggs due to his playing achievements at United is a blatant attempt of Manchester United’s Top Brass to keep club’s control to them. A man like Jose Mourinho will never allow others to interfere with his work, and that is why he is being virtually booted out of his dream job.

Manchester United must learn from Gary Neville's failure
  Jose must be wondering – Why you do this to me BOSS?

If Manchester United are smitten by seeing Pep Guardiola and Diego Simeone lead their former sides to greater feats, they should also look at how both Guardiola and Simeone worked elsewhere to become worthy of those jobs.

What has Giggs done to get the Man United job? Sit by Van Gaal and nod YES to everything Van Gaal asks him to do. If handed the job, Giggs will make the same mistake his good pal Gary Neville did by jumping on an offer he was not ready to handle.

Despite his love for the club, Giggs will be a failure if he becomes the next Manchester United taking over from Louis Van Gaal. He should be given a proper chance elsewhere to prove himself of being worthy of this role. We do not even know if he can sustain a season without getting fired.

What if Giggs brings upon similar calamity like Neville did with Valencia, then there will be no Jose Mourinho waiting to rescue the club. The time is right, United must learn from Gary Neville’s failure at Valencia and bring in an able replacement for Van Gaal next summer and not let this glorious club suffer any further.

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