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Video: Louis Van Gaal used the word “FUCK” during his post-match comments

When the going gets tough for a manager, everything seems to be heading in wrong direction. Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal does not seem to do anything right at this time. Following the 2-0 defeat against Stoke, Van Gaal fumbled during his post-match interview and used the FUCK word, yes he did, take a look at the video below.

Van Gaal was trying to put forward his point by claiming that he is not the one to be fired or sacked as he would decide his own fate and if the time is right, he would rather walk away from the club. However, in an attempt to do that, he ended up fouling his sentence.

In attempt to say that it is not always club has fire me, he ended up uttering the word FUCK. It may not be as big a deal as media would make, but the actual fact remains that he has lost his composure as the Manchester United manager and it is almost time for him to say his good byes at Old Trafford.

Image credit: getty, Video credit: Vine