Louis Van Gaal storms out of Press-conference in precisely 4 mins 58 seconds


In the last 24 hours, a lot has been said about Louis Van Gaal’s rumored sacking from Manchester United. Leading journalists and media outlets (including us) decided to go with the story of Van Gaal getting sacked by the club and bringing in Jose Mourinho as the new manager.

Understandably, Van Gaal was not in a good mood when he showed up for his customary pre-match presser ahead of the Stoke game. So much so, he stormed out of the press-conference just 4 mins 58 seconds later.

In those 4 mins 58 seconds, Van Gaal went to the extent of demanding an apology from the reporters as they decided to sack him before the club. From the looks of it, he seemed like a man who was triggered by the media’s take on his position at the club.

Van Gaal also pointed that, it was uneasy for him to see his colleague Jose Mourinho linked with a move to Manchester United. He ended up saying that he was present for today’s press-conference only because of the Premier League rules.

He did not hide his emotions and shown a lot of aggression in front of the media. He revealed that he has assurances over his job safety from the board members and Sir Alex Ferguson. It almost means that he is set for a longer stay at the club than we all thought.

Next up for his and Manchester United’s agenda will be to get a win over Stoke and kick-start their season after troubled recent weeks. Red Devils have gone 6 games without a win and its high time they do something about it.

Image credit: getty