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Louis Van Gaal blasts Paul Scholes and asks him cut down on Manchester United remarks

It is never pretty for a club to hear negative remarks from one of their legends, however, Manchester United have to bear unattractive and boring remarks week-in-week-out from their midfield maestro Paul Scholes. Last week Scholes claimed that neither he or Andy Cole or Rudd Van Niestelroy would have liked to play for Louis Van Gaal’s United team. As expected, Van Gaal was bound to reply to those claims and he was pretty direct in making his point know to Paul Scholes.

Van Gaal said that Scholes neither has the responsibility nor the power to be saying such things. Man United manager thinks that Scholes is saying all these things to benefit himself as he is getting paid handsomely by BBC or Sky to make those remarks. Van Gaal confirmed that he will do his best in doing the best for Man United as the fans are amazing.

Van Gaal said“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names [words] will never hurt me. Its a fantastic expression. He doesn’t have responsibility, why is he saying something? For benefit of club or himself? It is clear that Scholes is paid by BBC or Sky to say some things.”

Van Gaal added – “When Mr Scholes say I have to go then I shall go but he has no power. Ed Woodward has power. I shall do everything for this club because these fans are unbelievable.”

With these words, Scholes has been sent a direct message by the manager about what he feels of his criticism and he will not change they way he has been building the club. At the time of signing he clearly said that his process will take 3 years to take shape and that is why he had signed a 3 year contract.

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